What do the Symbols and Icons Mean on Instagram

meaning of instagram symbols

I’ll arrange this list according to the various Instagram interfaces. Open Instagram on your mobile device. And experiment with each Instagram icon to gain a better knowledge of what they all imply. Let’s explore what each symbol and icon on an Instagram post, instagram story, reel, and bio means.

What do Instagram icons mean on the Home screen?

When you first launch Instagram on your phone, the Home screen appears. You must wonder what do the symbols on Instagram mean on screen. Let’s examine each sign on the Instagram home screen to determine what it means. 

Home icon

This home sign will send you immediately to the home screen on Instagram. If you are on another screen and need to fast return there. If you have navigated a bit further, this home icon also sends you to the main page of the Instagram feed. In the unlikely event that Instagram is having trouble refreshing the feed, you can try clearing the Instagram cache.

Search Symbol

You can use this search icon to browse Instagram. You can find random posts and reels from other users of Instagram by tapping the search symbol. You can follow individuals from Explore, like their posts, and comment on them. This icon can be used to look up people on Instagram.

Heart icon

That essentially serves as a notification center. Every time someone likes a picture, a video, or a narrative, and comments on it or follows you, a notification appearsAdditionally, it displays Instagram-related notifications. Follow Requests will appear beneath this heart icon if your Instagram account is private or deleted.

Massage symbol

As I am telling you, what do the icons mean on Instagram? This symbol, as its name implies, will launch the Chat section. All of your direct messages from Instagram both those you’ve sent and received are stored in this inbox. You can also see here who is currently active on Instagram. Because both the Instagram chat icon and the Facebook messenger are produced by the same parent company, they look identical. Additionally, Messenger for Facebook and Instagram Chat can be synced.

Plus symbol means on instagram

To upload anything on Instagram, use this icon. Whether you want to post a picture, a video, a reel, or go Live stream id on InstagramTap on this + sign. Whenever you want to collaborate share something on Instagram, select a picture, a video, or a reel. If Instagram won’t allow you to publish anything, check out this guide.

So, this is what Instagram symbols meaning. To understand the meanings with practice.

Talkbox with a play icon  

The Instagram Reels feature, which is quite addictive, is indicated by the clapperboard with the play icon. Clicking on this symbol will launch unlimited reels. To view the following reel, simply scroll up instagram. Instagram Reels are quite addicting, so be sure to schedule your time wisely.

Profile icon on Instagram symbols mean

You may see all information about your profile on your profile screen by clicking this symbol.  A green dot indicates read message where as a red dot indicates unread alerts and messages in other profiles that you are in charge of. If it appears below your profile picture.  

Icons on Instagram profile meaning

Now let’s see what do the icons on Instagram mean when you visit a profile. Your profile will open when you tap on it in the right-bottom corner, where you will find a few options.

The profile tabs

There are several tabs available on the profile or bio screen. There are posts, reels, IGTV, and tagged posts among them. To switch to it, tap on the option.

You will only see reels that you have put in the Reels tab. If someone mentions you in a post, you can touch on the “Tag” icon to view the posts that mention you. As seen in the screenshot of my profile, there are tale highlights above this grid.

An Arrow, Following Username

You can view your bio by clicking on the small down arrow next to your username at the top of the screen. To move between several profiles, if there are any, tap on them. A red dot indicates that a different account has unread notifications if you see one.

Bell Symbol

A Bell icon will appear when you view someone else’s profile. To enable notifications for that person’s stories, reels, IGTV videos, etc., tap on it. So, try practically to understand Instagram icon meanings.

3 dots symbol

When you are browsing someone’s Instagram profile, you can also see the 3-dot menu, just like the Bell icon. When you tap the 3-dot menu, more options are available. Report the profile, restrict them, copy the profile link, or limit them to become available. Additionally, you have the option of sharing your profile with others or keeping your narrative private.

Arrow Next to Following

You can mute, restrict, unfollow, or add someone to your list of close friends. By clicking the small arrow near the Following button.

Instagram plus person icon

A small icon with the symbols + and person will appear. But what is Instagram Plus person icon? You can stalk someone on instagram suggested profile by tapping on this symbol. Simply follow them, or use Instagram to find additional recommendations.

Instagram posts symbols meaning

Now I will explain to you Instagram symbols meaning when you see a post. What happens? Let’s discuss in details. 

Heart Icon

The heart sign is a button, as is customary. By tapping it, you may add a like to the picture and make the heart turn red. To like a photo, simply double-click on it.  

Chat Box

This icon represents comments. To see the comments underneath a post or to leave a new comment, tap on it. See how to view every remark you have left on Instagram.

Using @ and the person’s CFS instagram account, you can also mention them in the comments. You can disable comments on Instagram if you don’t want others to leave feedback on your post.

Plane paper icon meaning

You may send posts, videos, and reels to your friends on Instagram by using the paper plane icon. You can share posts straight to your Story by using the same icon. This icon is used to share amusing content with your friends, such as memes and videos.

Bookmark icon

This symbol enables you to bookmark or save the article to your collections. Open your Instagram profile page and click the three-bar symbol at the top to access the saved posts. From the menu, select Saved. Only you can see saved posts because they are private.

Instagram person icon

A person is tagged in a post if they have a person symbol on their profile. To view the tagged person’s username, tap on the post.

Volume icon

 By tapping that tiny symbol, you can activate the video’s audio and get rid of the strike-off mark indicator. The audio can be disabled by tapping it once more.

Meaning of Instagram Reel Icons

What do the symbols mean on Instagram on reels? There are some new icons on the Reel screen in addition to the standard icons. Like Heart, Comment, Paper Plane, and 3 Dot Menu that are identical to the Instagram post screen. Let’s discuss that.

Music cover symbol

Only Instagram Reels users will be able to see this music symbol. The audio cover is displayed. And tapping it will open a screen with all of the Reels that use that specific audio. On the same screen, you can also store the audio and send it to others via direct message.

Camera icon

The top right corner of the Instagram Reel screen has a camera icon. That camera icon can be used to upload a reel to Instagram. You can access all the tools and effects you need to make an interesting Instagram reel. By tapping on the Camera icon, it will open a new screen.

Music instagram note symbol

For instagram notes symbol You can utilize the same audio to build a new reel by selecting the additional little icon. To launch a camera with tools and effects, tap on that icon.

So, above in this article, I have described what are the icons on Instagram. And what is their meaning? After reading this post, I am sure you will learn a lot about Instagram and you will feel good while using it.


In summary, all of these Instagram icons and symbols were created with the finest user experience in mind. And they are all strategically positioned. When you first start using Instagram, it could be puzzling at first. But you’ll grow used to all the Instagram icons and understand what the various symbols on the platform signify. This article discussed Instagram symbols meaning in detail. So, if you are confused about any symbol related to Instagram, you can take help from this post.

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