You might have been curious to know why someone had a green dot next to their name when you were scrolling through your Instagram feed. You might have been curious to know why someone had a green dot next to their name when you were scrolling through your Instagram feed. The “green dot” on Instagram, which denotes an online presence, is one aspect that frequently draws users’ attention.

 It only sometimes implies active participation. This post will explore the intricacies of Instagram’s green dot and its function. And the distinction between being “active” and having Green dot on Instagram but not active.

What Does the green dot on ig Mean?

On Instagram, the green dot is a little signal next to a user’s profile image. Usually, when browsing their profile or in the direct message list, it is intended to indicate that the user is currently interacting with posts, stories, or messages on Instagram. But occasionally, this indication can be deceptive, giving rise to misunderstandings regarding a user’s online position.

The Green Dot’s Influencing Factors

Whether a person on Instagram displays a green dot depends on several criteria. Users can better correctly perceive the green dot’s presence if they are aware of these factors: 

  • Active Sessions: 

Even if users aren’t actively using the platform, they will likely have the green dot displayed if they have an active session open on their device (such as the Instagram app running in the background).

  • Push Notifications: 

Even if a user doesn’t interact with the app further, opening a push notification may cause the green dot to appear.

  • Instagram.com: 

The green dot may appear on someone’s profile if logged into their account via a web browser. But this only sometimes means they are actively using the app.

Not Just the Green Dot, But Active Status

It is not just the green dot that signifies Instagram’s “active status .”A user must actively use the app, responding to direct messages, sharing, enjoying, and commenting on material. In order to be deemed Instagram active today without a green dot. This contact with the platform will trigger the appearance of the green dot. That being said, there are several situations in which the green dot may appear even when the user isn’t using Instagram.

Instagram green dot vs active now

The green dot may appear next to a user’s profile in a few different circumstances, even if they are not currently using Instagram:

Background Activity

When Instagram is left operating in the background on a user’s device, it may show the green dot even when no active engagement is taking place. This might occur if someone has recently used the app and left it open, but they needs to start using it.

Notification Responses 

Without launching the Instagram app, users can reply to direct messages and comments via push notifications. Without the user actively using the platform, this can cause the green dot to appear.

Automated Actions 

By interacting with posts, stories, or messages on a user’s behalf, some automated services or bots can cause the green dot to appear. This behavior does not accurately represent the user’s presence on the network.

Scheduled Posts

Users can plan and schedule posts using Instagram’s business and creator accounts. Even if the user is not online, these posts may cause the green dot to appear when they are published.

Cross-Platform Activity

Suppose a user is actively using Instagram on a different platform, like a tablet or a computer. While their mobile device is still showing the green dot, the green dot may still appear.

Privacy of Users and Customization Verdant Dot Condition  

Instagram respects user privacy by giving users some control over the green dot status. The “Show Activity Status” option in the settings can be disabled to allow users to choose to hide their activity status. This will prevent them from seeing the green dot on other people’s profiles and prevent others from seeing it on theirs.

How the green dot on Instagram is Useful?  

The green dot has a useful purpose, although occasionally being deceptive. Users can connect with friends, family, or followers more easily when they are available to answer since it promotes real-time conversations and engagement. Businesses and influencers that wish to respond to their audience at particular hours will find it extremely useful.


In summary, although the Instagram green dot is a useful tool for determining a user’s activity level, it is only sometimes accurate. The appearance of Green Dot on Instagram but not active is due to the abovementioned reasons. Even when a user is not actively using the platform, there are a variety of variables. Including automation, notifications, and background activity may cause the green dot to appear. 

Users can lessen the social constraints connected with the green dot and interpret it more accurately by being aware of these subtleties. Ultimately, even the green dot provides insight into a user’s activities. It should be one of many factors used to assess a user’s online presence.

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