Have you ever erased a direct message on Instagram and afterward regretted it? You can retrieve these communications, which is fantastic news. While Instagram doesn’t explicitly state how to restore deleted messages, the procedure is rather simple. It is the platform that enables us to communicate with our loved ones with family, friends or strangers. There are occasions, though, when you could unintentionally erase crucial Instagram messages. And wonder if there’s a way to get them back. 

 So can you recover deleted Instagram messages? The options and techniques for recovering deleted Instagram messages will be covered in detail in this extensive article.

Instagram’s messaging platform

It’s important to comprehend how Instagram’s messaging system functions. Users may send text messages, photographs, videos, and more directly to other users using Instagram’s Instagram Direct function. The Instagram app allows users to access these private messages.

What Deleted Messages Mean?

When you delete a message from Instagram. It is removed from the discussion thread, leading you to believe that it is permanently lost. But in reality, the site keeps these erased communications around for a time. Instagram stores deleted communications on its servers for up to 90 days.  

You still have a chance to retrieve them during this time, but it won’t be as simple as pressing an “Undo” button.

 Can you recover deleted messages on Instagram?

Let’s decode the pressing query, as It’s important to have full knowledge of Can you recover deleted messages on ig?   Getting a basic grasp of how Instagram messaging works is now more important. The quick response is that it is difficult but not impossible. Instagram does not retain a record of your deleted messages. and does not offer a built-in mechanism for recovering lost messages. However, if you wish to pursue message recovery, there are several techniques and tools you may use.

Let’s now examine several techniques for how to recover deleted Instagram messages

Method 1: Look through the archived conversations

Start by looking through your recorded discussions before attempting more complicated recovery techniques. To clear out your main inbox of discussions without permanently removing them, Instagram lets you archive conversations.

To restore an archived discussion to your primary chat list, take the following actions:

  • First open the Instagram app on your phone, if you are on desktop, then go to the Instagram website on it to access Instagram.
  • To access your profile page, tap your profile image in the lower right corner. 
  • After tapping on horizontal lines in the upper right corner,  you can see the menu.
  • Navigate to “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Messages” > “View Messages.” You may locate the “Archived” folder in this area.
  • A list of the conversations you’ve archived is available in the Archived folder. Tap on the chat you wish to bring back after finding it. 
  • Then choose “Unarchive” to return it to your primary chat list.

Method 2: Get in touch with the recipient

You can ask the receiver to provide you with a duplicate of a message that you’ve removed. But that is still there in their conversation. This approach, meanwhile, is dependent on the other party’s readiness to share their material with you.

 Method 3: Retrieve Deleted Instagram Messages from a Backup

Remember, Instagram doesn’t have a built-in backup and restore tool for messages. But if you have a device backup or are using a third-party software that backs up your Instagram messages. In this way you can able to retrieve deleted messages. How to do it is as follows:

Retrieve Data from a Device Backup

  • Check to see whether your smartphone has a recent backup that contains your Instagram messages.
  • If you do, use that backup to restore your device. When restoring your device from a backup, use caution. Due to overwriting existing data, such as messages and other material.

Apps for third-party backup

Can you retrieve deleted Instagram messages using third-party apps? Some third-party applications assert to provide Instagram message recovery services. Use caution while using such applications since they cannot be reliable or secure. Before selecting one, do your homework and read reviews.

Method 4: Request an Instagram data download

Users of Instagram have the option to ask for a copy of their data, which includes communications. This is not a quick procedure. Instagram may need some time to gather your data and provide you with a download link. How to request your info is as follows:

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Get access to your profile by tapping on rofile photo in the lower right corner.
  • At the top right corner you’ll see hree horizontal lines, tap on it to access menu
  • Here select “Settings.”
  • Now scroll down the page to find the “Security.”
  • In this option you’ll see “Download Data” under “Data and History.”, simply click on it
  • To request a data download, adhere to the steps displayed on the screen.

After the request Instagram will send you a link once your data is prepared for download. After downloading, extract the messages from the file.

Method 5: Make use of Instagram message recovery tools   

The ability to recover deleted Instagram messages is claimed by several third-party software products. The security of your account might be at risk since these tools might not be endorsed by Instagram. Only use them after completing a lot of study and with prudence.

Method 6: Ask Instagram Support for Assistance

You can get in touch with Instagram help if everything else fails and you have a strong cause to retrieve deleted messages. While Instagram’s support staff normally doesn’t help with recovering specific messages. They might be able to in unusual circumstances like harassment or legal issues. To get support for Instagram:

  • Launch the Instagram application first.
  • To get access to your profile you’ve to click on your profile photo in the lower right corner.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines to see the menu
  • By selecting “Settings.” Scroll down and click “Help.” 
  • You’ve two options for request “Help Centre” and “Report a Problem”, these will allow you to submit a request.
  • Give a comprehensive explanation of your circumstance and any information required to bolster your claim.

Method 7: Checking your email

Although it’s generally ok to check your inbox for deleted Instagram messages. You should be aware that your Instagram alerts may be visible to anybody who has access to your email account. Use strong, original passwords and keep your email account safe.

Overall, it’s critical to balance the advantages and disadvantages of employing other techniques to restore lost Instagram messages. It’s preferable to err on the side of precaution and avoid a method if you’re dubious of its safety.

Method 8: Recovering Back Messages That Were Deleted from the Trash

The techniques below might help you retrieve a message that you just deleted. If your message hasn’t been retrieved, then it means that the 30-day retention period has passed.

  • Open Instagram by using the app on your smartphone or going to the website on a computer.
  • Take a look at the “Trash” folder: In the lower right corner, tap your profile image to access your profile page. 
  • You can see the horizontal lines at the upper right corner of the screen, simply tap on it.
  • Select “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Messages” > “View Messages.” The “Trash” folder may be found here.

Recover the deleted message: You may see a list of deleted chats in the Trash folder. To retrieve located message click on those conversation which contains the message

How to Avoid Message Deletion?

The easiest way to avoid the trouble of trying to retrieve lost communications is frequently prevention. Here are some pointers for avoiding unintentional Instagram message deletion:

  • Message Archives rather than deleting them

As was already indicated, rather than deleting messages on Instagram, you may archive them. By archiving a communication, a copy is kept in your Archive folder for easy retrieval in the future.

  • Support Your Dialogue

Think about occasionally backing up your interactions on Instagram. This can protect your future communications. But it won’t assist with messages that were erased before you started saving them up. You may either utilize your smartphone’s built-in backup features or look at third-party backup programs

  • Exercise Caution When Deleting

Think carefully about whether you might need a communication in the future before deleting it. If you delete a message, it will never reappear in your chat history, so be sure you won’t regret it.


In Conclusion, can you recover deleted Instagram messages? Although it’s not always possible, it is sometimes possible to recover deleted Instagram messages. First, look at your chat history, and then make a request for assistance from the third party. If those approaches are unsuccessful, think about more sophisticated possibilities. Including recovering from backups, requesting Instagram to download your data, or utilizing third-party tools cautiously. In dire circumstances, contact Instagram support for advice.

As we all know prevention is better than treatment, so keep this thing in mind.To prevent inadvertent deletions from happening in the first place, be cautious. Additionally, utilize third-party tools with caution and only if you feel comfortable taking on the associated dangers.

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