Whether we like to admit it or not, a lot of us spend a significant amount of time each day on Instagram. Basically it’s an app, which we use to browse through the latest Instagram Reels repeatedly to message our friends. As we all know, like other apps, Instagram is prone to a few issues, bugs and glitches.

The Instagram messages black screen is a bothersome problem that users occasionally experience. In this post we’ll examine the causes of this issue. And offer thorough solutions to enable you to resume Instagram messaging at full functionality.

Explaining the Black Screen in Instagram Messages 

When trying to access their direct messages on Instagram, users often run into a blank or black screen. Many other manifestations of this issue include:

Blank Chats: Your DM chats might appear blank, with no messages or history of previous conversations.

Stalled loading: You might not be able to access your messages while the loading icon keeps spinning indefinitely.

Unresponsive interface: Tapping on chats or messages might not produce any results.

Before getting into the answers, it’s necessary to understand the potential causes of this frustrating experience. 

Common Reasons for the Black Screen on Instagram Messages  

The Instagram black screen messages may be caused by several factors:

  • App difficulties: 

Instagram is prone to bugs and glitches, which might result in display issues in the DM section, just like any other app.

  • Older App:

Using an older Instagram app version can cause compatibility problems and a black screen.

  • Network Connectivity:

Poor internet or Wi-Fi access can prevent DMs from loading and result in a dark screen.

  • Overloaded Servers:

 Users who attempt to access their messages may get blank screens during times of high traffic or Instagram server difficulties.

  • Corrupted Cache: 

The Instagram app’s messaging feature may not operate properly if the cache is corrupted.

How to Fix the Black Screen on Instagram Messages?  

Follow these troubleshooting procedures to fix the black screen issue with ig messages not sending:

  • Restart the App: 

If you are still facing this issue, then restart the Instagram app

  • Update the app:

Ensure that your Instagram is updated and you have the latest version. Because updates frequently come with bug fixes and performance enhancements. The steps listed below will assist you in fixing the issue with the black stripes on Instagram messages.

  • First open the Instagram account, then sign in to your account, you’ll see the profile photo at the bottom of the screen, click on profile .
  • Click on the hamburger icon for going to the settings menu.
  • Click or press the “Update messaging” button. The next step is to tap “Update.”

Check Your Internet Connection: 

Sometimes poor internet connection also make this kind of issues, so ensure that have a steady and powerful internet connection

  • Update Instagram 

You won’t be able to utilize Instagram Messenger due to the issues. To resolve the message blackout problem you must update your Instagram to the most recent version. You will then have access to fresh filters and effects to make original material.

  • Visit Instagram DM on the web

On a computer or laptop? The issue with the black strip on messages is simple to fix. Follow these strategies: 

    • First open the web browser and then log into your Instagram account.
    • To see the conversation, open the Instagram DM.
    • To read the messages, open the chat.
  • Clear App Cache: 

Navigate to the settings of your device, select Instagram, and then clear the app’s cache and data. This can assist in removing any corrupt files responsible for the black screen.

  • Possibly a flaw or error with Instagram

Instagram messaging may also be affected by a bug or issue. The Instagram messenger as a whole may malfunction due to a bug. You cannot read messages on Instagram either from the sender or the recipient. Don’t be confused. The Instagram staff will help you with your problem.

  • Inform the Instagram team of the issue

You should notify the Instagram staff of this technical issue. If you are unable to resolve the black-out error on the Instagram app in any way. The steps following should be followed:

    • Open Instagram on your iPhone or Android device.
    • To access the main profile section, tap the profile photo.
    • Open the settings by tapping on the hamburger icon.
    • Click Help after swiping down the screen.
    • Pick the first possibility. Report an issue.
    • To report the issue, shake your phone.
    • You can text what annoys you in order to report a problem without trembling.
  • Reinstall app

If everything else fails, reinstall Instagram from the app store on your device by uninstalling it first.

Instagram live black screen 

You can get the dreaded Instagram Live black screen. Even though using Instagram Live is an exciting method to interact with your audience. When your live broadcast abruptly goes dark, your viewers are also left in the dark. Black displays on Instagram Live are frequently caused by network problems, device compatibility issues, or software bugs. Your internet connection must be dependable, along with this, utilise a compatible device. And restart the live broadcast if it goes dark in order to avoid and resolve this problem.

Not Sending Instagram DMs  

Instagram DM black is another frequent problem. Mentioned is the solution of this issue.

  • Check Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection is essential for sending messages, just like it is for the live black screen issue. Make sure you have an internet connection.

  • Retry Sending

Occasionally, transient server difficulties cause messages to fail to transmit. Send the message once more.

  • Verify the status of the recipient

To make sure they are not having any problems that might prohibit them from getting your communications.

  • Reinstall Instagram

If the problem still exists, you might choose to remove and reinstall the Instagram application.

Enable Instagram DM Dark Mode   

Dark feature is popular, and most liked feature because it reduces eye strain and conserving battery life To make your Instagram DMs dark:

Apple iOS

  • Open the settings of your smartphone.
  • Then, select “Display & Brightness” by swiping it down.
  • According to your preference, select the “Dark” or “Light” appearance. This system-wide setting is what Instagram will adhere to.

Google Android

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • In the bottom right corner, tap your profile symbol.
  • You’ll see the three horizontal lines in the top right corner tap on those to access the menu.
  • To select a theme, go to “Settings,” then “Theme,” and select “Dark.”


In summary, the Instagram platform’s user experience is greatly influenced by messaging. Even though problems like the Instagram messages black screen, live video issues, and message sending errors might be annoying. These are fixable with different tricks and techniques. You may have a flawless Instagram messaging experience by keeping your app updated, maintaining a steady internet connection, and cleaning the app’s cache as needed.

Additionally, turning on dark mode can improve the app’s visual appeal. Keep in touch, solve problems, and confidently utilize Instagram’s messaging tools.

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