CFS Meaning Text Instagram

What does CFS mean on Instagram?

Are you also curious about the definition of CFS on Instagram and other social media sites you use? If you frequently use social media sites, you have probably seen various abbreviations or slang terms. CFS is a word that frequently appears on Instagram posts by individuals. This millennial lingo has gained a lot of popularity.

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly, what does CFS mean on Instagram? Here you’ll also find some instructions on how to use the CFS features so you can stay connected with your friends.  To learn what CFS on Instagram means, continue reading.

What does CFS mean in Instagram?

 Acronyms and abbreviations of social media are always a little bit confusing to use, like, NFS, and CFS. If we see CFS On Instagram, then it stands for Close Friends Story. Only the friends you choose will be able to see this private story.

Only the people you choose to add to your Close Friends group can access or leave comments on your posts. Instagram is a public platform that many individuals use to market their brands and companies.

If you don’t want to share your personal stuff with others, or if you want to keep your personal and business things separate, then you love this CF is the best option for you. Some important points about CFS;

1- An area with a green circle indicates a Close Friends Story on your Instagram home page. Contrary to normal stories, which have a purple and yellow border, this one doesn’t.
2- At the top right corner of the page, you’ll find a green rectangle with the “CLOSE FRIENDS” words. This option you can see while viewing someone’s story.
3- That ingress time you are not allowed to remove yourself from someone’s Close Friends list. To stop all of the user’s stories from appearing, you can mute them. If not, you can get the user to stop by blocking them or unfollowing them.
4- CFS is another way to say “cute, funny, and sweet” in text messages or on Snapchat and TikTok. The next time your friend is bragging about their crush, they might send you this.

CFS Meaning Instagram Story

What does CFS mean on Instagram story?

CFS is perfect if you’re not sure how your Instagram followers will react to your stories or posts. You can change their settings as per your preferences, and have the access to delete followers. Consequently, only the selected, closest friends can see the post. For sharing the small group of people you’ve to just put them, by making a segmented lists of viewers, that you want to show your story. It serves as a security precaution to prevent embarrassing tales and private experiences from going viral. 

CFS is a fantastic and easy way to make any image or social media post private.  After these settings, only your selected people view your stuff, posts, story, etc. 

cfs meaning instagram story

Ways to create an Instagram CFS

Here’s how to create a Close Friends Story if sharing stories with only selected friends seems appealing to you.

–  At the right bottom corner of Instagram, click on your profile.
–  Now, you’ll find the “Close Friends” option in the top right corner, Toggle this!
–  If you don’t have a Close Friends List, touch “Get Started” to choose the contacts you want as CF.
–  Finally, click on the Create List, after selecting the names of your friends.

Create a close friend list in detail

Now I will guide you in detail so keep following the steps to create a list.

Activate Instagram and go to the profile settings

Open Instagram and select your profile picture from the bottom right-hand corner. 

Choose the users you wish to have access to your stories by clicking “Close Friends” on the menu.

–  As soon as you select “Close Friends,” Instagram photos suggest friends for you to include in your Close Friends Story. To pick a friend, just click the circle next to their name.
– Use the search bar to locate and choose the profile of any individuals you want to add who isn’t on the suggested list.
– Instagram proposes friends depending on how frequently you like, comment, and direct message (DM) them.

Selecting “Done” will save your choices for Close Friends

– You can go back to your preferences at any moment to add new friends to this list. When a friend is added to your list of Close Friends, Instagram doesn’t let them know. When you publish a Close Friends Story, they will be the only ones to learn.
– Similarly, if you remove someone from your list, Instagram won’t let your pals know.

What does CFS mean in text?

People use “CFS” in their messaging on every site, but Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms in particular. And one of them is particularly crucial for CF. Such as if you are chatting with someone and they send you a CF and you want to know what CF means in the text. 

It usually takes “compare” to keep the chats going. Because girls use it in relationships to make their partners feel comfortable since it is not that uncomfortable. Because lovers send it to one another to keep their conversations comfortable. 

cfs meaning text instagram
This word simplifies and condenses the chat for everyone around the entire world.

CFS meaning text Instagram

In text messages, CFS is an acronym for charming, funny, and sweet. Instagram users also utilize the CFS option to interact with their friends and family via chat messages. This slang is often used there. “Close friends” is another slang term for an Instagram story notes, which is cfs. The word “close friends” also refers to someone on social media with CFS. 

But this term may be altered to “chronic fatigue syndrome” in medical contexts because it is a chronic illness. In addition to depicting individuals, it is frequently used to illustrate uplifting books, TV shows, and movies. Romantic flicks serve as the best example of CFS films.

So, I have briefly described to you what does CFS mean on Instagram? Also, I described this slang in terms of text.

What does CFS mean in social media?

CFS is an abbreviation that online users use to identify a close friend’s story on Instagram. Instagram is able to manage the Instagram story’s viewing with the use of this capability. 

What is the Instagram posting process for CFS?

Preceding posting to your CFS, follow these simple instructions:

1- Activate the Instagram app.
2- On your screen, click the “+” sign instagram symbol.
3- Select “Story” from the screen’s scroll down bottom menu.
4- You can choose what to post.
5- The “Close Friends” button, which is green.

Advantages of the Instagram CFS Feature

As you are aware of cfs meaning on instagram, the CFS function on Instagram has many advantages;

Because it frees you from worrying about your Instagram story’s privacy. Additionally, sharing personal information is simple.

On CFS, is it possible to go LIVE on Instagram?

Although Instagram does not currently support the ability to go live on CFS, this may not be a permanent restriction. Keep an eye out for this change in the future as Instagram frequently updates its features for the benefit of its users.


In a nutshell, you would be aware of what CFS, or Close Friend Story, on Instagram, stands for. If you want to share a story with your colleagues you should add them to the list of close friends. With the assistance of CFS, you may begin telling your memories to your loved ones while maintaining your privacy.

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