How to see recent deleted messages on Instagram

How to see deleted messages on Instagram?

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of mistakenly deleting a crucial Instagram DM discussion with someone? And being unable to get it back? Due to remarkable privacy, amazing features Instagram is one of the most popular and used social networking sites, along with messaging options add to the popularity of this site. Users occasionally unintentionally erase crucial communications, prompting them to question whether it is possible to recover these deleted chats. In this post, we’ll look at several tools and techniques for How to see deleted messages on Instagram.

We have you covered whether you want to see earlier discussions or view recently erased texts.

Understanding Instagram’s Message Deletion Policy

Understanding Instagram’s message deletion rules is crucial before we go into how to restore deleted Instagram messages. You may not find any built-in option to recover deleted messages on Instagram.

When a message is removed, it usually disappears forever. However, there are other approaches and other resources that can help in recovering lost communications.

How to see recent deleted messages on Instagram?

Mentioned below are some mothers to see the recently deleted messages on instagram

Examine Your Archives of Conversations  

 The “Archive” function is one tool Instagram provides to aid users in managing their messages. A communication that has been archived is taken out of your main inbox but left intact. Here’s how to access your discussions from the past:

  • Go to your inbox on Instagram and open it.
  • At the right upper side you will see a gear like three dots. Just click it.
  • Choose “Archived.”
  • Your archived chats, even ones you believed were erased, are now accessible.

Even while you can’t retrieve messages that were deleted before archiving them using this approach. You may be able to locate discussions you previously believed to be gone.

How to view deleted messages on Instagram using third -party Instagram message recovery software?

Many third-party programs and applications promise to assist users in recovering lost Instagram messages. By gaining access to your Instagram data, these programs try to recover deleted messages from the account’s history. 

When utilizing such instruments, it’s crucial to use caution because they can not always be dependable or safe. Have a look on the points about how these tools work;

  • Look for a trustworthy program or solution for recovering deleted Instagram messages.
  • Download the tool on your device and then install it.
  • To link it to your Instagram account, adhere to the supplied steps.
  • The program may search your account for deleted messages if you let it.

These methods may not work for everyone, maybe for a few. And they may also present security and privacy problems. Utilize them as you see fit.

View deleted messages on Instagram by downloading Instagram Data 

Use Instagram’s Data Download function to restore previous messages if you can’t find the deleted message in the “Recently Deleted” section. You may ask Instagram for your data using this approach, including your conversation history. This is how you do it to see deleted ig messages. 

  • Go to your profile in the Instagram app by opening it.
  • You’ll see the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner, simply click on it.
  • Then choose “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and choose “Security.”
  • Now you’ll find the main option Data and History “Download Data”, so tap on this option.
  • You might be asked for the email address and password, so enter your data accordingly.
  • You’ll Receive a link via email to download your data Download your data, by clicking the link.
  • A “Messages” folder can be found in the downloaded data. You may access your chat history, including deleted messages, by opening it.

 Contacting Instagram support 

If none of the aforementioned solutions have helped you recover essential Camera roll Instagram messages that you accidentally erased. You may try contacting Instagram support. Despite not promising message recovery, Instagram may be able to help in some circumstances. In such cases when your messages were deleted due to any bug or technical issues.

  • First Launch the Instagram App, and then go to your profile
  • Open the menu by tapping on  horizontal lines at the top right side
  • Choosing “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and select “Help.”
  • Decide to “Report a Problem.”
  • Explain the situation, saying that you need help since you unintentionally destroyed critical texts.

Even if it’s a long shot, this approach is worth trying, especially if the lost texts were crucial.

The Benefits of Consistent Backups  

It’s a good idea to routinely save your conversation history to prevent the difficulty of restoring lost Instagram messages. You’ll need to use third-party programs or services to back up your Instagram account. Instagram doesn’t come with a built-in function for this. 

You can back up your Instagram messages using several applications that are available for both iOS and Android smartphones. You should have the chat history record in the event. You unintentionally delete any messages by doing frequent backups.


In summary, it might be upsetting when you accidentally delete crucial Instagram messages. If you have proper and correct information you can easily retrieve them. Instagram offers alternatives like the “Recently Deleted” category and data download tool. Whether you want to restore recently deleted messages or view previous chats. 

In more complicated circumstances, third-party recovery tools may also be useful. To avoid data loss in the first place, always use caution when utilizing third-party software. These were the techniques to retrieve the Instagram messages, by following these methods you can reclaim your Instagram interactions. We believe that now you have got a clear answer on how to see deleted messages on Instagram.

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