Are you curious about how to turn off auto swipe on Instagram? To find the solution, continue reading the article. One of the most widely used social media sites, Instagram, is always changing to improve user experience. Still, some updates like the auto swipe feature can be a little annoying. Up to two millions posts are shared on Instagram globally. It shows that resh content is constantly being added to our feed. It wouldn’t be an issue normally, but occasionally Instagram scrolls automatically to display the most recent posts.

That’s annoying since auto-scrolling prevents you from seeing all these new posts, and users bemoan this. 

What is Auto Swipe on Instagram?

Instagram auto-scroll, commonly referred to as auto scroll, is a feature that shows users new posts by automatically scrolling through their feed. This feature’s main purpose is to provide users with refresh and new content  to keep them engaged.

Many users have found it to be annoying and disruptive. When turned on, it may cause you to leave the post you were looking at. Which can be particularly bothersome. If you were attempting to read a long caption or see several pictures at once.

The Reasons It Annoys Some Users

There are several reasons to be annoyed with Instagram’s auto-swipe feature. Instead of relying on the app to notify them when new posts are available, some users would just rather be in charge of that. 

Some might find it hard to concentrate on a post or struggle to use the app when it scrolls automatically. Because Instagram’s auto swipe can interfere with user experience, users should look into ways to turn it off.

How to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top Android?

Method 1: Empty the Instagram Cache

Cleaning the Instagram app’s cache is a useful method. To prevent the app from automatically scrolling to the top on an Android device. This procedure gets rid of any temporary files and data that might be interfering with the functionality of the app.

This is how you do it:

  • Navigate to “Settings” on your phone.
  • After swiping down, choose “Apps” or “Applications.”
  • Locate and select “Instagram.”
  • Press “Storage.”
  • Click on “Clear Cache.”

This could disable the auto-swipe feature and help the app run more smoothly.

Method 2: Turn Off Auto-Update

The Instagram automatically scrolling function might occasionally be connected to app updates. Mentioned are a few steps to stop Instagram from automatically scrolling by disabling the app’s automatic updates.

  • Launch the Play Store on Google.
  • In the upper left corner, tap the menu’s three horizontal lines.
  • Decided to open “My apps & games.”
  • Locate Instagram and give it a tap.
  • Turn off the “Auto-update.”

Method 3: Modify the Account Preferences

Instagram users have the option to customize the order of their feeds. To take back control of your feed, change the “Home” setting from the default to “Most Recent”:

  • Get Instagram open.
  • Tapping on your profile picture will take you to your profile.
  • Go to the menu by tapping three horizontal lines from the top right corner of the screen.
  • After swiping down, select “Settings.”
  • Choose “Account.”
  • Press “Posts.”
  • Go with “Most Recent.”

This will use Instagram’s algorithm-driven feed, but it will show posts in chronological order.

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Method 4: Remove and Install Instagram Again

You can try uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram if the auto-swipe feature still doesn’t work. By restoring the app to its original settings you can fix this problem. 

  • On your home screen or at the   app drawer you can easily find an Instagram app.
  • You can drag the app to the “Uninstall” option or long-press the app icon to choose “Uninstall.”
  • First, open your  Google Play Store, select Instagram, then download it and reinstall it.
  • When you launch Instagram after reinstalling it, the auto-swipe function ought to be turned off.

How to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top on iOS?

Approach 1: Empty the App Cache and Data

Resolving issues with Instagram’s auto swipe on iOS devices may involve clearing the app’s cache and data. This is how you do it:

  • Toggle between “Settings” and “Home.”
  • After swiping down, select “Instagram.”
  • Select “Offload App” under “Documents & Data” to get rid of the app’s contents without erasing it.

Approach 2: Disable App Refresh in the Background

Background App Refresh presents every smartphone, which update their content in the background with the help of this feature. Instagram may stop automatically scrolling to the top if this feature is disabled.

  • Go into “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Navigate down and click on “General.”
  • Click “Background App Refresh.”
  • Toggle the “Instagram” switch to make it off.

Approach 3: Restart Instagram

You can attempt to remove and reinstall Instagram on your iOS device if the aforementioned methods are unsuccessful. By doing this, the app’s default settings will be restored.

  • First tap right on your home screen, then select Instagram App.
  • Once the app icon begins to wiggle, press and hold it.
  • To remove an app, tap the “X” that shows up on its icon.
  • Go to the App Store, type in Instagram’s name, and then restart the application.

When you launch Instagram after reinstalling it, the auto swipe function ought to be turned off.

Stopping Instagram’s Automatic Top Scrolling  

  • Upgrade to the Most Recent Version of Instagram

Instagram updates its app frequently, sometimes with bug fixes and other behaviour changes. Use these procedures to make sure you have the most recent version and maybe fix auto swipe problems:

    • Open App Store  (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
    • Look up “Instagram.”
    • If there’s an update available, select “Update.”
  • Provide Instagram Your Input

If you still have problems with Instagram’s auto-swipe, you might want to give them some feedback. To carry out this:

  • Launch the app for Instagram.
  • Launch your profile by tapping the  picture of yourself in the lower right corner.
  • Tap on three horizontal lines to access the menu.
  • After swiping down, choose “Settings.”
  • After selecting “Help” from the drop-down menu, click “Report a Problem.”
  • To report the issue, adhere to the instructions.
  • By giving feedback, you can assist Instagram in determining and resolving the issue.

Other Approaches

In the event that the aforementioned techniques are ineffective for you or that Instagram has updated its interface and the settings have changed. You can also use other methods to turn off auto swipe on Instagram:

  • Third-party Apps

Certain browser extensions and third-party apps claim to have features. That lets you turn off Instagram’s auto swipe feature. Use caution when utilizing third-party extensions and apps as there may be security and privacy concerns. Before downloading and installing these apps, be sure to read reviews and do extensive research on them.

  • Speak with Instagram Support

Try contacting Instagram support for help if the aforementioned solutions don’t work for you in order to disable Instagram’s auto-swipe feature. They might be able to offer advice on whether there are any new settings available or if it is possible to disable the feature.

 Give a feedback

Speak up if you’re bothered by the auto-swipe feature. Instagram frequently considers user feedback when releasing updates and enhancements. You can leave comments on Instagram’s official website or within the app.

The Pros and Cons of Disabling Instagram auto-scrolling 

While turning off auto swipe on Instagram can make your browsing experience more enjoyable, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of doing so. However, instagram symbols plays a vital role


Control Over Your Feed: You regain control over your Instagram feed, allowing you to browse content at your own pace without sudden interruptions.

Reduced Data Usage: Disabling auto swipe can help conserve your mobile data, as Instagram won’t refresh your feed automatically.

Improved User Experience: Many users find that turning off auto swipe leads to a more pleasant and user-friendly experience on the platform.


May Miss New Content: With auto swipe disabled, you might not see the most recent posts as they appear in your feed, potentially missing out on timely updates from friends and influencers.

Instagram’s Intention: Instagram introduced auto swipe to keep the feed fresh and engaging, and disabling it may not align with the platform’s intended experience.

App Version Dependence: The steps to disable auto swipe may vary depending on the version of the Instagram app, and updates can change these settings.


In summary, many users may find the auto-swipe feature on Instagram to be annoying. Fortunately, there are several ways to turn it off on Android and iOS devices, including reinstalling the app, clearing the cache, and changing account settings. Mentioned above methods surely help you how to turn off auto swipe on Instagram

Additionally, you can help address and resolve this issue by updating your Instagram app and giving the platform feedback. If nothing else works, you can look into other Instagram clients for a more customized experience. You can take back control of your Instagram feed and have a more seamless browsing experience with these fixes.

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