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What does Sent as SMS via Server mean on Text Codeincept

Text messaging is a common way to remain in touch with friends, family, and coworkers in the world of modern communication. Many individual accustomed to sending and receiving SMS (Short Message Service) messages on their smartphones. On your Android device, though, you could have seen the phrase “Sent as SMS via Server” and wondered what it meant. We’ll learn what does sent as SMS via server mean.

And its importance, and the reasons you might run into it on your Android device in this thorough guide. Continue reading to find out how sending an SMS through a server is different from simple text messaging.

What does sent as sms via server mean on Android?

When a message is tagged as “Sent as SMS via Server,” the following procedure normally takes place:

Composing a message:

You write a message on your messaging app and choose who to send it to.

App Check: 

The messaging app verifies the state of the recipient. The message will be sent using the app’s internet-based messaging service if the receiver is online and reachable via the server.

Fallback to SMS: 

The app will choose to deliver the message as an SMS if it judges that the recipient cannot be reached via the server. (For example, because of an inactive internet connection or other circumstances).

Delivery through SMS: 

Your cellular network is used to send the message as an SMS.

How Do SMS Messages Operate?

Basically sms is a Short Message Service that enables the transmission of brief messages between mobile devices. SMS uses the cellular network infrastructure, in contrast to internet-based messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.  

SMS Versus Internet-Based Messaging: Differences and Similarities

It’s critical to comprehend the differences between SMS and internet-based communications. To fully appreciate the significance of this notification:

Short Message Service (SMS): 

Traditional text messages known as SMS are transmitted through the network of your cell carrier. They are invoiced individually by your carrier and do not require an internet connection.

Internet-Based Messaging:

Web-based messaging internet communication is similar like other social media apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage to send messages. These messages can include multimedia components like pictures and movies and are frequently free.

What does sent as SMS via server mean on text? Reasons?

  • Lack of Internet Access

The absence of a reliable internet connection is one frequent cause for this notification’s presentation. Messaging apps may resort to sending messages as SMS. When you face internet problems and can’t connect to internet to guarantee fast delivery.

  • The Internet Status of the Recipient

The message may be delivered as an SMS to ensure delivery. If the intended recipient lacks an internet connection or a compatible web-based messaging program.

  • Settings Unique to Each App

Users can customize their options for message delivery in some messaging apps. Users may have configured their apps to send messages as SMS in certain circumstances.

Influence on the Messaging Experience

  •  Financial Factors

Depending on your mobile carrier’s plan, sending a message as an SMS via server may result in SMS charges. This can be a problem if you only have a small SMS allowance or send messages internationally.

  • Restrictive Features

Compared to messaging over the internet, SMS messages have limits. They do not provide the same level of support for features like read receipts, typing indicators, or multimedia attachments.

  • Trustworthy Delivery

On the other hand, SMS texts are renowned for being dependable. Even in locations with spotty or erratic internet connectivity, they are more likely to be delivered on time.

The “Sent as SMS via Server” error fixed

  • Check Your Internet Connection 

If you receive this notice regularly, check to see if your device has a solid internet connection. Wi-Fi connection or examination of mobile data settings.

  • Check the Recipient’s Preferences

It can be worthwhile to verify if the message recipient has internet-based messaging apps installed. And correctly configured if they frequently receive your messages as SMS.

  • Check the app’s settings

Examine your messaging app’s settings to determine when it decides to deliver messages as SMS. You might be able to change these selections.

  • Clear App Cache

In certain cases, problems with message delivery can be fixed by emptying the cache of your messaging app.

  • Activate RCS Chats

One solution is to enable RCS messaging on your Android phones and the Android phones of your recipient(s). Launch the settings on your google messages, and then choose RCS chats to accomplish this process.

You might see ‘Chat Features’ or ‘Turn on RCS Chats’ depending on the app version you’re running. If it isn’t already, you can turn on RCS chats from this setting.

  •  Allow delivery reports for SMS

Turning on SMS delivery reports (this function is typically turned off by default) is another option. Go to the ‘options’ menu in your Messages app and, this time, select the section that is listed underneath the ‘General’ options (the heading may be titled after your mobile service provider).

  • Get in Touch With Your Carrier

If you think there might be a problem with your mobile carrier, get in touch with their customer care.

How to stop receiving notifications that “Sent as SMS via server”?

The “Sent as SMS via server” notifications cannot be disabled since they provide crucial status information. What you can do is turn off RCS’s SMS fallback option. By doing this, RCS will avoid attempting to send your RCS-based test message via its server as an SMS.

We do not advise turning off SMS fallback for RCS. Both the feature and the notifications are reasonably useful. Only if the notifications are becoming too intrusive and frequent should you turn off SMS fallback on RCS.

Following these steps will disable SMS fallback on RCS:

  • Get your phone’s Messages app open.
  • Go to settings by clicking on profile picture in the top right corner.
  • To access RCS chats, select Messages settings > General.
  • Disable SMS/MMS Automatically resend as a text message here.

Privacy and Security Issues

Data encryption:  

End-to-end encryption is frequently offered by Internet messaging applications, improving message security. When delivered through a server, SMS messages could not offer the same level of encryption.

Server Dependability:

Delivery of messages may be impacted by the dependability of the SMS server. Make sure you have faith in the messaging app’s server.

User Privacy:  

When utilizing messaging apps that may send messages across servers, think about the privacy concerns. Recognize their procedures and rules for handling data.

Some advantages of Sent as SMS via Server

Following are few advantages of Sent as SMS through Server:
Server-based routing can improve message delivery, particularly in situations of network congestion or weak signal.

Multimedia Support: It makes it possible for multimedia messages to be sent without interruption and guarantees that all images, videos, and audio are accurately transmitted.

Cross-Network Compatibility: It makes it easier for users on various mobile networks to communicate.

Read Receipts and Encryption: For improved privacy and functionality, messaging apps that employ servers frequently provide read receipts and end-to-end encryption.

Alternatives and upcoming trends

  • RCS Messaging 

In-progress messaging protocol Rich Communication Services (RCS) offers cutting-edge features akin to internet chatting with the dependability of SMS. It tries to improve Android smartphone messaging functionality.

  • End-to-end encryption  

More messaging apps are using end-to-end encryption, even for SMS-like communication, to ensure the security of messages as user privacy concerns increase.

  • Decentralized Messaging 

Blockchain-based decentralized messaging systems are developing as alternatives that put a priority on user privacy and data control.


In summary, the notificaition “Sent as SMS via Server” lets you know that your message is being delivered as an SMS. Usually, because there isn’t a reliable internet connection or the recipient can’t receive internet-based messages. Although it guarantees the message’s dependability, it could have a cost and feature cost.

You can optimize your Android texting experience by comprehending the causes of this notification and resolving it. 

You can handle any situation by knowing how to use these settings. Whether you prefer conventional SMS or internet-based messaging. Now, you surely get the complete knowledge of  what does sent as SMS via server mean?


What does it mean when my phone says sent as SMS via server?

When your phone displays the phrase “Sent as SMS via Server,” it signifies that a text message you sent wasn’t delivered directly over your cellular network using the regular Short phrase Service (SMS) protocol.

The server handles the routing of the message before it reaches its intended recipient.

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