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How to change alarm sound on Android

Every day we set an alarm so we can get up on time. If you get tired of hearing the same sound every time your alarm goes off. And would like to switch your phone’s default alarm sound to a relaxing song to wake you up each morning? If you wake up each morning to the default tune on your Android phone, you may already have a strong dislike for it. Be at ease, switching to music from apps isn’t difficult either. The alarm sounds on Android smartphones may be altered or customised.  

To learn How to change alarm sound on Android, see this article. It will guide you properly.

How to change your alarm sound on android?

Let’s begin with the basics and adjust your alarm sound. Calls on Android phones provide an easy method to change alarm sound. The majority of the time, using this method, you should be able to alter the alarm sound on Android phones. 

On Android phones, alarms may be modified or set via the clock app by default. All of the alarm audio settings are available in the same app. Here are some necessary steps you should follow to change the android alarm sound.

  1. Open the Clock app widget from the Home screen Choose the tab of Alarm 
  2. Tap to select the Alarm 
  3. Tap on the Alarm tone/Ringtone and volume
  4. Choose the alarm tone
  5. Back to the Alarm setting 
  6. Click Save to set a new alarm tone

 Several sound settings can be used for each alarm. The alarm sound for the chosen alarm can be changed here. If you wish to utilise a sound setting for any other alarms, simply repeat these procedures.

  • Step 1

On your Android device, open the Clock app. Open the time widget by finding it on your home screen and tapping it, or by selecting the Clock app from the Applications menu.

  • Step 2

The alarm, global clock, timer, and stopwatch button options are located at the bottom of your screen. To access the settings, tap “alarm” in the lower-left corner of the screen. In some phones this option is provided on the top left corner of your screen.

  • Step 3

You may modify an alarm by tapping it. This will bring up the alarm’s settings page. One alternative is to tap Add and make a fresh alarm setting.

  • Step 4

The volume and tone of the alarm may be changed by tapping. This will display a list of all the alarm sounds you may choose from. This button’s name may be Ringtone in various variations.

  • Step 5

To change the alarm sound android, decide the alarm tone to use. Choose the ringtone from the list that you wish to play when your alarm sounds off. You may choose music as the alarm ringtone on some smartphones. 

To view the music that is offered in this situation, press the Music tab at the top of the screen. Tap the green “+” symbol to add your ringtone. You may choose any audio file and preset it as your alarm ringtone in this way.      

  • Step 6

Choose the Android Expand Left icon by tapping it. On your screen, this button is in the upper-left corner. You’ll return to the menu for setting the alarm.

Before going back to the previous page, you might need to hit android “Done” at the upper edge on some devices.

  • Step 7

On the top-right, click DONE. Your new alarm sound will be saved in this way.

With some Android music players, you may choose whether to set any song as a ringtone or an alarm sound for Android handsets. Same like we should know mobile activation date

Change your alarm sound every day automatically on Android

  1. The Alarm Droid app, which is available from the Play Store, is used for this strategy. Launch the app, then allow it access to the storage on your smartphone as needed. It is necessary in order to access the audio files and use them as alarm tones.
  2. To add a new alarm, click the Plus + button at the bottom of the screen. And do all of the standard alarm-setting adjustments. This alarm may be set for daily use or only once. Any alarm that has been generated will function with the automated tone setting.
  3. Tap the Volume icon in the centre of the screen once you’ve finished customising the alarm to your liking. This will provide a drop-down menu where you may adjust the alarm’s audio settings.
  4. Choose the Alarm tone option from this drop-down menu, and then choose the appropriate audio from the selection provided in the tab. When you choose the Music playlist choice from this tab. All the previously made music plays with their associated song names are shown.
  5. To save the alarm, choose the album and then hit the tick button in the top left corner. After you’re finished, the alarm you generated will be activated. Now, when the alarm goes off, songs from the list you choose will play at random each time.
  • Point to be noted

If you don’t already have one, make one in your audio players by adding all the tones, noises, or audio you like. Then choose it using the same procedure.

How to change the alarm sound and select a song for Alarm?

There are several music file types that Google Clock supports. Many people face different problems while using their mobiles such as network settings and others. Audio file downloads are stored in the download folder, while music files are saved to your internal storage’s “Music library” section.

Depending on your device type, you can access both using File Manager and My Files. You may search your device for “file” and choose either File Manager or My Files as the word “file” appears in both program titles. Both act in the same way.

  • My Files > Internal Space > Music is the path to the audio folder on Android.
  • In the event that the song you wish to use as your alarm sound is not visible, look for it in your download folder and transfer it to your music folder.
  • As an alternative, if you utilise a backup service to back up your music on Android, you may adjust the directory structure to load audio files from that service.
  • The fact that the audio you wish to utilize as an alarm is stored in your device’s music library is crucial.
  • When it is, just reload the page for your alarm clock audio to see all of your available songs.

So, in this way you can set your alarm sound with your favourite song to wake up in happy mode.

Using Spotify to select the track as an alarm sound

You require having both the Android Spotify app and the Google Clock app in order to utilise a Spotify song as an alarm sound. For the functionality to function, both services must be accessible in your nation. Both are essentially worldwide. Either for sound alarm, text messages or phone calls people are always worried. 

When you touch “Alarm sound”after installing both applications, you ought to see the “Spotify” option to “wake up to your favorite tunes.” So follow these steps to accomplish this.

  1. Open the clock app widget from the home screen. Or you can find it in your applications.
  2. Tap on Alarm which is shown on the bottom corner of the screen or some devices it may be shown on the upper corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on Alarm sound to select the track. Also you can add a new alarm and then select a track.
  4. Tap on Spotify to select a track from the Spotify catalogue to set it as an alarm.
  5. Tap to select the track or search Spotify to find a new one as an alarm tone. You have the option of searching for a tune or using a playlist. 

Although Spotify utilizes geo-restriction, keep in mind that not all of its songs are accessible worldwide.

Create your custom alarm sound 

If you don’t know how to change the alarm sound on Android customizable, then you should follow these steps. This will help you to create your own customised alarm tone which is amazing.

Step 1

Pick up your audio. You may simply upload it to a computer, record it, or extract it from a video. One of the greatest programs for creating the final sound is AVS Audio Editor.

Step 2

AVS Audio Editor lets you specify the alarm sound’s length and starting point. Also, you should probably equalise the recording’s loudness levels.

Step 3

Change the audio’s format to something suitable, such as MP3 to AAC. With AVS Audio Converter, this is simple and cost-free.

Step 4

  •   Any music may be uploaded to an Android smartphone from a PC.
  • Choose Alarm sound under Clock. Choose a ringtone.
  •  Touch the Plus symbol to grant the storage the necessary access. Choose your favourite song and set the alarm to it. You may choose to play the entire thing or just the highlights.

A customised alarm song may be set up quite simply on Android smartphones. If you have a song with the appropriate extension, go to the device guide.

On Android, how can you make a voice note the alarm sound

Voice shifting and voice morphing services are offered online and in the Google Play store. If you want to use a voice note audio as an alarm but would prefer that no one hear your voice. is a free service that is simple to use. You can choose a sound effect you prefer, then post a file or record your voice directly.

  • To get the sound with the voice altered after completion, click the green arrow.
  • For the clock app on Android to find the file after it has been downloaded. You must move it out of your downloads folder to your music folder.
  • Following completion, it will appear on the list of audio data that can be used as your alarm sound.

So, these are different simple ways you can adopt to change your alarm sound on an Android phone.


In summary, as was already noted, you may now wake up to a different alarm tone each day. This is one of the top features of this alarm clock software. Now you can only set one alarm for each day, a single day, or several days. And it will sound with a distinct tone each time.

In the above article, I briefly discussed steps on how to change alarm sound on Android. So, Now you can change your alarm tone automatically, set a song and you can also customise your alarm tone. I hope this article will help you a lot in setting your alarm tone.

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