How to stop receiving text messages without blocking?

stop receiving text message without blocking someone

Do you want to not receive the message without keeping blocking it? In some circumstances, you might prefer not to have some or all of your contacts send you text messages.

As we’ll see in the question of the day. There are times when you don’t want to get text messages on your phone from a specific contact. If this is the case, blocking text messages for that specific contact is the best option for you.

Blocking text message facility on iPhone or Android

There are several ways for owners of iPhone and Android phones to temporarily ban SMS. IPhone or Android phones may temporarily mute all distractions, including text message reminders. In addition, banning individual contacts. Even notifications from a single contact and discussion can be muted on iPhones.

So, this article will guide you on how to blocked fake message. So to learn this guidance keep reading the article till the end.

Can you block calls but not texts?

Most Android smartphones come with a built-in feature to block numbers. By using your Android phone’s settings, you can prevent certain numbers from contacting or messaging you. 

Text messages sent to blacklisted numbers will not be sent, and calls from those numbers will just go straight to voicemail.

How to stop receiving messages on iPhone without blocking?

Here I will tell you different approaches to stop receiving messages without blocking them on your iPhone.

Approach 1: Turning off iMessage on the iPhone 

It is all that is necessary to stop receiving texts without blocking them. You won’t be capable of getting iMessage on your iPhone after iMessage is disabled. To disable iMessage on your iPhone;

  • Launch the Settings app, and then navigate to the Messaging section.
  • You may find iMessage immediately after opening Messages.
  • Your iPhone will have iMessage enabled by default; disable it.

You can no longer receive iMessages on your phone if iMessage is disabled on your iPhone.

But, you won’t be able to use your iPhone to send iMessages.

In this article, I’ve discussed How to stop receiving text messages without blocking them on your iPhone. This is for imassage, not for SMS on iPhone.

What about stopping SMS text messages on iPhone?

Just removing your iPhone’s sim card will stop your iPhone from receiving SMS text messages. You will undoubtedly receive SMS text messages if your phone is equipped with a sim card and cellular network connection.

Only lines that have been disconnected or are no longer operational, as well as iPhones without a SIM card inserted. It will not receive SMS texts. Other than that, as long as your iPhone has a working sim card and network access, you can receive SMS text messages. Now I will tell you another approach: how to not receive messages on iphone without blocking?

Approach 2: Turning off your cellular data

Step 1: Open the “Settings” application. The capability of your iPhone to receive SMS texts or phone calls will be momentarily lost if you turn off its cellular data.

Via a wifi network, you can still get iMessages and MMS (Multi Media Service) messages. These messages can be transmitted through wifi instead of cellular data, unlike SMS. 

Step 2: Turn off wifi if you also want to disable iMessage and MMS messaging.

Choose “Cellular.”

For wifi to be turned off, select “Wi-Fi” rather than clicking it.

Step 3: The button next to “Cellular Data” can be turned off by sliding it to the left. Gray will appear on the toggle. Both phone calls and SMS text messages will stop coming to you.

Return to the Wiki area of your options if you’d like, then slide the button next to Wi-Fi to the left. You won’t get any more iMessages or MMS messages once the toggle turns grey.

Step 4: By moving the toggle beside it “Cellular Data” to the right, you can enable cellular data once more. Once the toggle turns green, you’ll start getting calls and SMS text messages once more.

Drag the toggle next to Wi-Fi to the right to turn the internet back on. Sending and receiving calls, messages, and FaceTime requests will resume after the toggle turns green.

Approach 3: Mute notifications

Step 1: Open the Messages application. One conversation can be put in “do not disturb” mode on iPhones. 

You won’t be able to see alerts from the chat as a result of this, yet you’ll continue to receive SMS text messages that you can read later. Both group chats and one-on-one messages can use this capability. 

Step 2: Choose the chat you want to mute by clicking on it.

Step 3: Choose Details. In the very top right-hand corner of the display, locate Details. It is located on the contact’s name’s right side.

Step 4: Search for Do Not Disturb. After the “Location” section and the contact’s information, locate this.

Step 5: From grey (off), move the toggle to green (on). You will still get texts on this topic, but you won’t get any notifications.

On your Messages app, the thread will have a crescent moon symbol next to it.

Step 6: Slide the “Do Not Disturb” toggle to the grey (off) position to unmute the conversation (off). After “Do Not Disturb” is disabled, you will once more get notifications from this chat.

I hope now you are able to stop receiving text messages without blocking your iPhone.’

Approach 4: Effective Communication

Sometimes, a straightforward and sincere discussion with the sender might address the problem. We’ll provide advice on how to implore someone to send fewer messages or stop from sending particular kinds of informa: As a last resort, report and block 

Approach 5: When Everything Else Fails

Although the emphasis of this post is on avoiding blocking the sender. We’ll quickly go through the circumstances in which blocking and reporting would be required. Understanding when these behaviours are appropriate and the possible repercussions is crucial.

How to stop receiving messages on Android without blocking?

You must disable the ability to send SMS messages in your messaging app on Android in order to cease receiving messages without blocking.

When you reject authorization for SMS, blocking any type of text on Android is much simpler than it is on iPhone. On your Android phone, you won’t get text messages. It also implies that unless you provide permission for SMS on the messaging app, you won’t be capable of sending text messages on your iPhone. Let me now use a Samsung Galaxy phone to demonstrate how to stop receiving texts without blocking on an Android phone.

By using Samsung’s default messaging application

  • Launch the Settings app, and then scroll down to Apps.
  • The Samsung messaging software is available when you open apps and browse for “Messages.” Please open it and select Permission as indicated in the picture below.
  • You can see all the rights that the messaging app is permitted to have by tapping on Permission. 
  • The main goal of this article is to explain how to stop receiving text messages without blocking them. Check for the area where it says SMS.
  • When you tap to open an SMS, you will be given two choices that read;


  • Simply press the deny button to proceed. Until you grant permission for SMS in the Samsung phone message app. You won’t be capable of getting text messages on your Android phone.

This is the best way to stop receiving text messages without blocking Android easily. 

How do I stop receiving fake block messages on Android?

Here I will tell you how to block fake messages on Android.

Step 1: The text you would like to block can be found by opening your messaging app. Tap the Block symbol after long-pressing the message. You might need to click Options (three dots) > Block in some applications.

Step 2: After checking Report Spam, tap OK.

Fake blocked text messages on iPhone

Now here is the approach to how you block texts from unauthorised senders. You may block notifications from unknown senders and filter messages from them in iMessage.

Approach 1: filter the messages

  • Go to Settings on Messages, select Message Filtering, and then select Filter Unknown Senders.
  • When you select Filters, Unknown Senders, only messages from senders that are not in your contact list will be displayed.
  • You must either add the sender to your contacts or respond to the message to access any links in an unidentified sender’s message.

Approach 2: Report spam or unwanted messages

You can notify Apple about spam communications received through iMessage. You may also report SMS and MMS spam, based on your carrier and the country or region.

  • Tap and press the spam message in the message list.
  • Then select Report Trash. Instead, if you’ve already opened the mail, scroll to the bottom.
  • Choose Report Junk, followed by Delete and Report Junk.
  • The communication is permanently removed from your device and the sender’s details are sent to Apple.

Why am I still getting texts from a blocked number?

Due to third-party apps or an outdated device, you are still receiving SMS from a blacklisted number.

Several messaging apps are now accessible for consumers to utilize as an alternative to conventional SMS or texting. To avoid the obligation to utilize SMS or text daily, people will often do this.

At least one of these programs has undoubtedly been used by you. But the following are some of the most popular ones. These are programs that can be downloaded from the app store of your preference. If you’d like but are not already preloaded on your phone. 

Several of these apps give you access to brand-new platforms for communicating with others.

How to text a number that blocked you on iPhone?

You might be thinking about how to SMS someone if you believe they have blocked you on your iPhone. So, take these actions:

  • Click on the setting menu.
  • Look down and select messages.
  • Choose “Send and Receive” from the menu.
  • Your email address initiates a new discussion with Change.
  • After that, you’ll be allowed to send messages once more.

So, these are the steps you follow, you can text the number who blocked you. As I have discussed above, how to stop receiving text messages without blocking? I hope you can understand it and apply the approaches when you need them.

Final verdict 

In summary, if you need to stop receiving a specific text without blocking then this article will guide you. I have told many approaches above how to stop receiving text messages without blocking them on iPhone or Android. If you still get messages from blocked numbers then the sender must use some other apps to send messages. So, keep following the steps above to stop receiving messages from fake and unknown numbers.

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