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If I Block Someone Can I Still Text Them

You can block someone from contacting you in the future if they contact you without your permission. The option in question is “Blocking.” If I block someone can I still text them, but I won’t get their messages?

 In many situations where you don’t want to be contacted by anyone for any reason, this might bring you great peace of mind. However, there are some situations in which getting those blocked messages back may be crucial for a variety of reasons. Here’s how text message blocking functions and how you can try to get your messages back. As mentioned, I’ve listed the finest things you can do to try, as not all phones support this.

Blocking Fundamentals  

Before we talk about the nuances of messaging when blocked, it’s important to understand the concept of blocking. Here, we’ll go through the basics of blocking, including what it means and some of the most frequent uses of this function:

Blocking: What Is It?

On the majority of texting and social media platforms, blocking is a feature. It stops a certain user from contacting you in a variety of ways. Most banned people aren’t aware that they’re blocked. When you block someone, they can no longer contact you by phone, text, or message on that particular platform. It’s crucial to realize that depending on the platform or device you’re using, the specifics of blocking may differ slightly.

Objections to blocking

  • To stop harassment, spam, or unwelcome attention, blocking is frequently used.
  • Additionally, blocking is motivated by personal limits and privacy issues.
  • It offers comfort by limiting interactions with particular people.

What Takes Place When Someone Is Blocked on a Messaging App?

Several things normally happen when you block someone on a messaging service like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or imessage. The blocked individual won’t, first of all, get message notifications. Second, any messages they send you won’t be sent; instead, they’ll appear pending or undelivered. 

Third, they could not have access to your profile or online status updates, so they won’t be able to view your most recent online status updates or last-seen information.

If I block someone will they get my texts? 

No, you cannot message someone you’ve blocked on a messaging app. Apps don’t allow you to start a chat with the blocked individual. This is a fundamental aspect of blocking: it’s a one-way action to protect your privacy and limit communication from the blocked individual.

Various Messaging Apps Blocking 

  • WhatsApp

We all know that WhatsApp is, one of the most widely used messaging platforms worldwide, having a banning option. When someone is blocked on WhatsApp:

  • Your profile photo and online status are hidden from the blocked contact.
  • No updates will be sent to them from your account.
  • Through WhatsApp, they won’t be able to call you directly.
  • They will only see a single checkmark next to any messages they send to you, indicating that the message hasn’t been sent.

Can you use WhatsApp to send text messages to a blocked contact? You can’t, sorry. You will not be able to send any messages to a banned contact.

  • Instagram Messenger

Additionally, there are special repercussions for blocking someone on Facebook Messenger:

  • The blocked contact won’t be able to call or send you messages through the Messenger app.
  • You won’t be aware of whether you are using Messenger.
  • You can see received messages sent before you blocked them from your conversation history.

Can you use Facebook Messenger to SMS a blocked contact? You can, indeed. A banned contact can still get messages from you, but they won’t see them. The communications won’t go through.

  • (On Apple Devices) iMessage

Apple devices come with iMessage installed by default. When you iMessage block someone:

  • Blocked person won’t be able to iMessage you.
  • Even they send you voicemails, text messages, or FaceTime calls.

On iMessage, if I blocked someone can I text them? You can send messages, but they won’t go through. You’ll get a “Delivered” message on your end, but the blocked contact won’t get anything.

  • Android Messages

The following describes how Google’s messaging app for Android smartphones blocks messages:

  • The communications from the blocked contact will be delivered to a different folder.
  • They won’t notify you when they send you a message.

On Android Messages, if I block someone can I text them? The blocked messages folder will get any messages you send, though. The blocked contacts will not receive notifications for the messages you send, but they can still see them.

The Effects of Blocking and Texting

The major benefits of blocking someone are to stop unwanted communication and protect your privacy. It’s crucial to realize, though, that blocking someone effectively cuts off your direct line of communication with that person.

The result is:

  • Any messages you send will not be notified to the blocked contact. Usually, recipients will receive the messages later.
  • The blocked contact could still be able to receive messages from you, but they won’t be read.

Therefore, the answer to whether you can still send text messages to someone you’ve banned is typically yes. But the recipient won’t receive them. Depending on the messaging program being used, the messages are either not delivered or sent to a different folder.

If you block someone can you still text them?

You may need to contact a blocked contact at any point. You may have blocked them out of rage but have since changed your mind or need to communicate important information. You can think about the following choices: 

  •  Remove the Contact block

Unblocking the contact is one of the simplest ways. Recipients see your messages after getting unblocked from you. Remember that, depending on the app’s settings, they can also access any messages or updates sent while restricted.

  •  Employ a different strategy

Consider using another form of communication if unblocking the contact is not an option. If you have their phone number or email address, you’ve chance to contact them again. Make sure you respect their preferred methods of communication, though.

  • Consult a Common Friend

Consider asking a buddy you have in common to deliver the message if you need critical information. You don’t have any other ways to contact the blocked contact. Make sure your acquaintance understands the problem so they can respond appropriately.

Speak with customer service

You can also see some messaging providers offer users assistance tools for special circumstances. To find out if they can help, contact the app’s customer service and describe your circumstances.

Blocking alternatives

While blocking is a good strategy to prevent communication with some people, it isn’t always the greatest option. Alternative methods to take into account are as follows:

Muting: Many messaging applications provide a “mute” feature. That enables you to turn off notifications from a particular person or group. This may be a more discreet method of lessening interaction without completely obstructing someone.

Limiting Access: Some platforms allow you to restrict who can contact you or view your profile without blocking. Privacy and security choices can frequently be changed for these settings.

Digital Boundaries and Privacy

Blocking is a crucial tool for protecting your online identity and establishing boundaries. Even though it occasionally seems like a severe measure, it’s a way to safeguard oneself from unwanted attention or harassment. Follow the mentioned points to get the most out of blocking and texting.

  • Consider alternate options, such as muting or ignoring, and use blocking sparingly, as appropriate.
  • If the other person has blocked you, respect their choice and don’t try to contact them through another channel without their permission.
  • Always be aware of how your online behavior affects you and others.

The Effects of Blocking on the Mind

Blocking someone has psychological and emotional repercussions for both parties involved and its technical effects. Remember the mentioned things.

Specifically for the blocker

Blocking someone can make you feel safe and relieved. It enables you to erect a digital wall and reclaim control of your online environment. However, it’s critical to assess the motivations behind blocking someone and determine whether it’s a required move or an emotional response.

 For the Person Blocked

Being blocked can be upsetting and perplexing. It could result in emotions like rejection, annoyance, and an incomplete sense of closure. The blocked individual must respect the other person’s limits and refrain from trying to get around the barrier unless there is an extremely good reason.


In summary, blocking someone is a useful strategy for controlling your online interactions and preserving your privacy. It successfully cuts off communication with the blocked person, giving the person who initiated the block peace of mind.

 It’s crucial to recognize that, depending on the platform and communication technique. It may also be possible if I block someone can I still text them. Whether you can text someone after blocking them varies depending on the situation. Keep in mind that blocking is a personal decision. Therefore, you should exercise caution when using it by considering your choices’ unique circumstances and any negative effects.

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