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“We Are Sorry” This Phone Number Is No Longer In Service

Have you ever contacted a specific phone number, and gotten the message, this phone number is no longer in service? And it might not be very satisfying. You might be trying to reach someone or anticipating critical information. But they were unable to do so.

You need to realise you’re not alone. Your phone doesn’t just suddenly display this call intercept message. Luckily, there are various approaches to correcting this error which we will discuss in this post. We’ll also offer advice on how to avoid having the problem arise again. 

Let’s explore the potential causes of this and ways to address them. Remain tuned!

Why Does a Text Message Say “This number is no longer in service”?

When receiving a text message or call informing you that the number is unavailable or has been disconnected. It says “This number is no longer in service” on screen.

On an iPhone, this notification will say no longer in service. While on an Android device, it will say Invalid Number or No service. We will discuss the various causes of this.

What takes place when the number you texted is no longer in service?

Trying to phone someone and getting the message may lead you to believe messaging them will solve the problem. If you are trying to contact someone who is no longer in service, texts won’t work as effectively. This SMS won’t be sent if you are trying to text an invalid number, or someone who has switched carriers. However, your text will be delivered as soon as the recipient’s circumstances improve.  

Such as when they have bad network reception, haven’t paid their bill, and don’t have a functional SIM card. Or if they have a phone that is momentarily unplugged. As a result, they will get your text message as soon as they relocate to an area with a network connection. Pay their bill, exchange their SIM card, or reconnect their phone.

What are the causes behind the “number is no longer in service” message?

Some of the most frequent causes for seeing this message when attempting to call a number are listed below:

  • Someone is attempting to mislead you

Despite being unethical, there are a number of settings and tools. That can allow you to show this message to a specific contact.

Try calling them at a different number if you have been attempting to reach them but are receiving this message repeatedly.

  • The recipient has blocked your phone number

The person you’re trying to reach has either purposefully blacklisted your number or accidentally done so. As a result, when you phone them, the text this phone number is no longer in service appears.

  • Unstable network connection

One of the most typical culprits is an ineffective network connection. It’s likely that the recipient’s network connection was lost for any reason. Such as leaving a good service area or having their phone off.

  • Temporary Unconnected Phones

Receiving the message phone number no longer in service indicates that the phone you are trying to call is. It has been momentarily disconnected. All of the services that have been activated on that phone are inoperable if it is temporarily disconnected. Unpaid bills may be the cause of this.

  • SIM card issue

It’s also possible that your SIM card or the recipient’s SIM isn’t working properly. If you’re receiving this number even if the phone number not in service.

The inability to make or receive phone calls is typically one of the problems caused by SIM cards that become defective. Or it is not installed properly on a phone.

  • Another person changed their phone number

When you try to call someone, you may hear this message because they have chosen to change their phone number. The old phone will no longer be in service if they have changed it and no one has begun using it. This is because it no longer has a provider or owner.

  • Hacked phones

You occasionally get calls from spammers, who mimic the Caller ID shown on your phone. Whenever you call back, a call intercept message will inform you that the number is no longer active.

A number doesn’t need to be in use for it to appear like someone is calling from it.

  • Other person blocked incoming calls  

It’s possible that the person you are trying to reach has set up their phone number such that they do not receive any incoming calls. When you contact them then they are greeted with the message “This phone number is no longer in service” on your phone.

  • Another person didn’t pay the invoice

We are all aware of how expensive phone bills can get and how crucial it is to pay them. If you want to continue using your phone for communication. It might be challenging to make the payment on these expenses at times. Because they seem to be getting more and more expensive every month.

The person you are attempting to reach may not have paid their bill, which may be a reason for receiving a message. That says “This Number is No Longer in Service” when you call them.

How to fix this if you see the message ‘this phone is no longer in service’?

Verifying that the phone number you are dialling is the right one is the simplest solution. There’s a chance the figure is unreliable.

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do to resolve this problem. Here are a few quick suggestions for handling an error notice like this:

Make an effort to reach them in different ways

Nothing you do will force the text to be delivered if the recipient has disconnected their phone. You might need to get in touch with them via another mode of communication. Such as email or social media, and get their new number.

 If you know where the individual went or how to contact them, you might also ask your mutual friends. However, occasionally people are incredibly forgetful and fail to remember to give out their new number. 

Verify that the phone number you are messaging is active

The number you enter into your phone could occasionally be incorrect or contain an error. An error notice such as “no longer in service message” will eventually appear in this situation. 

Therefore, before making a call or sending a text message, you might wish to check the recipient’s phone number again. 

To check for problems, call your provider

If you consistently receive this message when dialling nearly everyone on your dial list, your SIM card may be malfunctioning. In this situation, you may get in touch with your network provider to verify your SIM card is functioning properly. 

Your number might also be concealed. If not, request a new one or a reactivation.

Reactivate the SIM card

Contact your network provider and check that the SIM card is functional if your SIM card is defective. If it isn’t, ask them to activate the SIM again or to give you a new one. 

Your new phone can be tied to the network operator who sold it to you. If the SIM card from your old phone still functions. Check those numbers to see whether you unblock any that you unintentionally blocked from calling you.

How Do I Get Rid of the”The number you have dialled is no longer in service” Message? 

You discover the seven potential sources of this error text. Unfortunately, you are unaware of the specific activity that resulted in this error notice. Is it a technical problem or a false note? Therefore, in order to obtain a result, you must check every avenue. 

There must be a problem with your phone service. If you receive this notification relatively immediately after dialling a different number. Your SIM card is to blame. You must fix your phone service.

Try the steps if you receive this error remark from a particular phone number, though.

  • Verify that the digits you dialled were the correct ones. Ensure that you won’t forget a digit.
  • Make a verbal call first. The person receiving it only sets it for your text message if it’s a prank, not for the direct call. Thus, the phone will ring.
  • If you see the error notice multiple times after delivering a message, the recipient’s phone is likely disconnected. Because a disconnected phone stores the sent message and tries to resend it to the receiving phone, this is why.
  • If, after dialling, the phone rings once or twice and an automated voice says, This phone number is no longer in service. The number is either inactive at the moment or out of service.

How Can You Tell If the number out of Service?

When you text or call a phone number and receive an error message. Such as “This number is invalid” or “This number is no longer in service”. It signifies the number is temporarily unreachable.

Final words

In conclusion, receiving the call intercept message this phone number is no longer in service can be extremely unpleasant. But there are a variety of potential causes. So before coming to your conclusions, it is crucial to understand why you are receiving this message.

Verify that you are not dialing the incorrect number. And your phone is not blocked, or a spammer isn’t pestering you with phony calls. To solve your problem, try each suggestion in this article. I hope you find the solution to this problem very effective and helpful.

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