You may occasionally have delivery issues with your text messages and receive an error message. That reads free msg unable to send message message blocking is active. Perhaps you’re wondering why you’re getting this message. Your messages won’t reach their intended recipient until you fix this. 

As the error message shows, something is now blocked and is the root of this problem. From here, you’ll learn the comprehensive guide regarding this issue, as we’ve mentioned some wonderful and effective solutions here. So, let’s unlock the mystery behind “Message Blocking is Active” and learn how to overcome it.

 The phrase “Message Blocking is Active” means what?

When using different messaging applications, many mobile users frequently see the error notice “Message Blocking is Active”. When attempting to send text messages, multimedia messages (MMS), or even instant messages. Usually, this message informs you that your message was not sent because of limitations placed on your messaging services.

Reasons for the error “Message Blocking is Active”

It’s important to understand the issue first before moving to its solution. Typical reasons include:

  • Service Provider Restrictions

For particular reasons like unpaid payments or going over messaging limitations. Your cell service provider may have set up message filtering.

  • Content Screening

Some carriers employ content filtering to prevent the delivery of communications. That includes spam, objectionable material, or connections to potentially dangerous websites.

  • Do Not Disturb Mode

 If the receiver or you have turned on “Do Not Disturb” on their smartphone, messages may not be received.

  • Account Limitations

Your account may be subject to limits set in place by your cell provider. These constraints may be applied for several reasons. Including as age restrictions for children or penalties for prior messaging service abuse.

  • Message Content  

Sending messages that include content that is against your carrier’s terms of service may also result in message blockage. This can involve offensive material, harassment, or spam.

  • Spam and unwanted communications

To stop the spread of spam and unwanted communications, carriers and messaging platforms use message blocking. By taking this precaution, consumers are shielded from obtaining unwanted content.

  • Free messaging services’ acceptance

Due to their accessibility and affordability, free messaging services. As we all know, the extremely popular apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. They let users communicate via text messages, phone, and video conversations. And the sharing of multimedia files without paying SMS or MMS fees.

Free messaging services have limitations  

Free messaging services have many benefits, but they also have certain restrictions, such as:

  • Dependence on Data Connection

Free texting services depend on having an internet connection. Therefore users may experience problems if their data connection is unreliable or nonexistent.

  • Privacy Issues

Several free messaging applications capture user information. To deliver more relevant advertising, which raises privacy issues.

  • Service Dependability

These services are sensitive to server failures and other technological problems that might stifle communication.

Message blocking consequences  

Here are the following message-blocking consequences;

  • Disruption of Communication

 Message blocking may make it difficult to communicate effectively. Which may have an impact on personal and professional relationships.

  • Missed Notifications

Message blocking may cause important communications. Such as reminders for appointments or time-sensitive changes, to go missed.

  • Inconvenience and Frustration

Users frequently find message blocking annoying since it prevents them from using messaging services as intended.

Fixing “Free Message Blocking is Active” problems  

If you want to fix free msg message blocking is active , then you can use these fixes;

  • Get in touch with your service provider
  • Verify the Message Content
  • Check the Status of the Recipient
  • Turn off third-party applications
  • Reinstall or Update the Messaging App
  • Turn off data roaming
  • Take the phone number from the “Banned” list
  • Explore other messaging options
  • Dial the relevant number
  • Delete App Data and Cache
  • Switch on the premium message access
  • Downtime on the cellular network

Get in touch with your service provider

So, let’s discuss the first step of this issue, which is simply contacting your mobile service provider. They might solve the causes of message blocking on your account. If it’s because of unpaid payments or other account-related problems, fixing them frequently allows you to remove the limitation.

Verify the Message Content

Examine the message’s content. Make sure it doesn’t include any illegal or objectionable content because content screening can be the cause of the restriction. Sending links to shady websites or unwanted advertising communications should be avoided.

Check the Status of the Recipient

If the issue still occurs, see if the receiver has banned your number or has their phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode. In such circumstances, you might have to try another method of communication or wait until they turn off “Do Not Disturb.”

Turn off third-party applications

Occasionally, third-party services or apps might obstruct your message. Send your message once again after temporarily disabling any third-party messaging applications or services.

Reinstall or Update the Messaging App

Make sure the messaging app is updated to the most recent version. If you’re having free message message blocking is active with a specific one. To fix any potential software bugs, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the program if the issue continues.

Turn off data roaming

Any cellular device with data roaming capabilities can connect to the network for which the user has paid through another network. Consider turning off data roaming if you see the notice “iPhone message blocking is active”. To see whether the problem is fixed. Below are the steps to turn off data roaming:

Step 1: Select “Settings” and then “More” from the menu.

Step 2: Next, go to “Mobile Networks” and turn “Data roaming” off before seeing if the issue has been resolved.

Take the phone number from the “Banned” list

To edit a blocked message on your Android phone, navigate to Settings > Messages > Blocked. If the target number appears on the list, you must hit Unblock next to it to remove it from the blacklist.

Another potential scenario is that the contact accidentally blocked you. Whether you’re unsure, you can phone that contact to check whether you can create a call if you want to. To contact and confirm the touch, you can also employ alternative methods.

Explore other messaging options

If your existing messaging app is unable to fix the problem, think about adopting a different messaging provider. Try out several applications to see whether the issue appears in any of them all.

Dial the relevant number

If none of the aforementioned fixes for free message unable to send message blocking is active, the receiver has probably blocked your number. Call the number to verify this once again. If your phone number is banned, you cannot call.

Delete App Data and Cache

On an Android smartphone, you could try wiping the messaging app’s cache and data to see if it fixes the issue. Launch the settings on your phone, go to Application Manager, and then find the messaging app. From Clear cache and Clear data, you can Delete App Data and Cache.

Switch on the premium message access

  • Scroll down the notification panel on your smartphone.
  • You’ll see the gear symbol (settings) in the right top corner of the screen, select it
  • Navigate to Apps > Apps.
  • Select Special Access from the 3-dot menu by clicking it.
  • Click on Premium SMS Access.
  • Click Message, then click Ask.

You can try sending the message once again after completing these steps to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Downtime on the cellular network

A momentary service breakdown might be the cause of this problem. It’s conceivable that the cellular network of either you or your recipient is down. This can be the result of scheduled maintenance. This could also be the result of unforeseen problems like a storm damaging something. 

Whatever the cause, it is very probable that the carrier is aware of the problem and will resolve it quickly. Simply wait and try sending your message again later if this is the case. These are the fixes for you if you are unable to send message.   

Avoiding “Message Blocking is Active”

Consider proper messaging protocol

You must adhere to good communications etiquette to prevent further instances of message blockage. Sending spam, offensive information, or unsolicited messages is prohibited.

Maintain the Status of Your Account

Checking the billing history is a good thing, as if you frequently check your cell account  status, then you can make sure that bills are paid on time.  And that you are not going over the allotted message minutes specified by your service provider.

Keep Current with Service Updates

Keep up with any adjustments or modifications. That your cell service provider makes to its use guidelines, content screening, and messaging services. 


In summary, even though message blocking might be annoying. It is crucial for keeping the network efficient and eliminating spam. In an increasingly digital environment, maintaining uninterrupted communication may be made possible. By comprehending the causes of message blockage and learning how to resolve and prevent it. 

You may lessen the effects of message blocking. Take advantage of seamless messaging services by following the instructions in this article. And being knowledgeable about your carrier’s regulations. Now, surely you’ll be sought out this issue of free msg unable to send message message blocking is active.

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