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How to block a number on a landline?

If you have a landline phone, you probably get calls from telemarketers and fraudsters regularly. Although blocking phone numbers on your landline phone might be a useful first step in preventing subsequent calls. These calls can be quite unpleasant.

It’s useful to have the ability to block unwanted calls, on a landline phone. Since it allows you to keep your peace and privacy. It’s a good thing to have complete knowledge about how to block a number on your landline. If you frequently receive telemarketing calls, unsolicited solicitations, or harassing phone calls. 

You’ll gain valuable insights on how to block a number on a landline in this post. To provide you with the knowledge you need to maintain a calmer and more relaxing calling experience.

Why Would You Block a Landline Number?

It’s critical to comprehend why you would want to block a number on a landline phone. Before going to the specifics of how to do so. You might wish to block a number for the following reasons:

  • Telemarketing Calls

Telemarketers frequently target landline lines and contact you repeatedly without asking.

  •  Harassment

Blocking the number is a good technique to stop unsolicited calls and harassment if you’re experiencing either.

  • Robocalls 

You can see automated calls that playback pre-recorded messages can be extremely time-consuming and unpleasant, and irritates many.

  • Privacy

 You might occasionally want to protect your privacy by banning particular phone numbers.

Now we will tell you different methods of how to block a number on a landline phone.

Methods for Blocking a Landline Number

Now that you are aware of how crucial block number landline is, let’s look at some approaches to doing this task:

Speak with your landline provider

On a landline phone, getting in touch with your service provider is the most typical technique to block a number. They frequently provide call-blocking services, and the procedure frequently entails:

  • Speaking with customer service.
  • Asking to have the specific phone number blocked.
  • Giving them the pertinent facts.
  • Verifying that the block has been established.

 Be careful to adhere to their instructions because each service provider may have a somewhat different process.

Utilise a call-blocking gadget

Call-blocking gadgets that connect to your landline phone are available for purchase. By using these gadgets, you may prevent obnoxious calls by

  • For example, you have to manually key in the numbers you want to block.
  • Compiling a list of telemarketers to block.
  • Immediately blocking known spam phone numbers.

The Sentry 3.1 Call Blocker and the CPR V5000 Call Blocker are two common call-blocking devices.

Integrated Phone Features

Some landline phones include call-blocking capabilities. If your phone has this feature, proceed as follows:

  • Enter the phone’s settings or menu.
  • Find the call management or call blocking option.
  • Adding the desired number to the block list is step c.

For further instructions, see the user manual for your phone, since they may differ depending on the model.

Independent Apps

You might investigate solutions such as Nomorobo or Call Control if your landline phone enables third-party applications or services. You may efficiently identify and prevent undesirable calls with the aid of these applications.

Establish a Whitelist of Accepted Numbers

Making a whitelist of allowed phone numbers might be a good idea for people. If you are looking for ways to handle incoming calls, then a whitelist helps you. Whitelist is a collection of phone numbers that you expressly let contact your landline, this allows you to select only those you are comfortable with. You may effectively prevent all incoming calls from unknown or unwanted numbers by setting up a whitelist. It makes communication more safe and in your control.

For your landline, follow these steps to create a whitelist:

  • Consult your phone service provider to find out:

As a part of their call-blocking services, several companies include whitelist options. For information on their whitelist choices and how to put them up, get in touch with your provider’s customer service.

  • Make use of a call-blocking gadget: 

You can make a whitelist of authorized numbers with some call-blocking devices, such as the Sentry 2 Call Blocker. Only your permitted contacts may contact you thanks to this function. Which enables the device to automatically reject calls from any numbers, not on the whitelist.

(*77 Feature) Anonymous Call Rejection

The anonymous call rejection option, which may be used to deal with erroneous calls on your landline, can be accessed by dialing *77. You may use this feature to automatically reject incoming calls from unknown or banned numbers. Ensuring that only callers whose phone numbers are accessible can get in touch with you. 

This can be very useful in discouraging telemarketers, spam callers, and other unwanted callers who frequently disguise their numbers.

  • Activate the *77 feature by doing the following:

Lift the handset on your landline and listen for the dial tone.

  • When you press *77, an automatic tone or message will sound to confirm that the option for rejecting anonymous calls is now operational.
  • Any calls from banned or unknown numbers will be automatically denied from this point on and won’t reach your phone.

You may always choose to disable the functionality by doing the following:

  • Wait for the dial tone before picking up your landline phone.
  • When you press *87, an automatic tone or message will confirm that the capability for rejecting anonymous calls has been disabled.

External call Blockers  

Consider employing an external call-blocking device if neither of the aforementioned strategies works for you:

  • Purchase a call blocker

External call-blocking equipment is available online or at electronics retailers. Unwanted calls can be blocked by these devices, which can be used with landline phones.

  • Install and Configure

After buying a call blocker, according to the setup and configuring guidelines. Setting up your block list and connecting the gadget to your landline are often required for this.

  • Manage Blocked Numbers

By adding or deleting numbers from your block list as necessary, external call blockers make it simple for you to do so.

Call forwarding can be used to divert unwanted calls

Utilizing call forwarding to reroute erroneous calls on your landline is another inventive strategy for handling them. Call forwarding allows you to divert incoming calls to a diverse phone number, which is surely helpful for users. When dealing with persistent telemarketers or verifying a caller’s identity. 

Without resorting to calling banning outright, you may minimize interruptions. And keep control of your communication by carefully forwarding unwanted calls.

Follow these steps to utilize call forwarding to divert nuisance calls:

  • Switch on call forwarding: 

Verify with your phone service provider whether call forwarding is a part of your package or a function you can add on. For details on how to turn on call forwarding for your landline, contact your service provider.

  • Make a forwarding call: 

Choose a phone number to which you wish to divert obnoxious calls. It may be a different landline, a cell phone, or even a specific voicemail box. Ensure that if the forwarding number belongs to someone else, you have their consent to use it.

  • Monitoring forwarded calls: 

This includes monitoring them and listening to any voicemails or messages left on the forwarding number. This makes it easier for you to see any valid calls that may have been redirected and take the necessary action.

  • Change the forwarding settings:

If you want to reflect any new undesired phone numbers, then you must update your call forwarding settings.  As your communication needs evolve, delete those that are no longer an issue.

Getting in touch with your service provider

Contact your landline service provider to ask about their possibilities for banning particular numbers. Request number blocking. They could provide you with assistance using their processes or services.

 Register with the National Do Not Call Registry

Here you can get help by registering your landline number with the National Do Not Call Registry, as it gets fewer telemarketing calls. Even if it won’t stop all unwanted calls.

Follow these steps to add your landline to the National Do Not Call Registry:

  • is the official website.
  • Your landline phone number should be entered when you click “Register Your Phone” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You’ve to provide a working email address for the registration process.
  • Registration will be completed when you click the verification link in the confirmation email that was sent to you.

Services for blocking calls from third parties

Some landline carriers provide these services, frequently for a monthly subscription. To recognize and filter unsolicited calls, these services employ sophisticated algorithms.

Thoughts and Advice

  • Make sure your landline phone or service provider supports the blocking technique you select by checking compatibility. 
  • To successfully filter undesirable calls, keep your list of banned numbers up to date.
  • Blocking numbers momentarily is possible using several techniques. Use this function as needed, then unblock the numbers as the necessity fades.


In conclusion, in the modern digital world, where unsolicited calls may be a major annoyance. Surely, this is one of the best things to have knowledge of  how to block a number on a landline phone. You can see several methods above, now it’s your choice to select anyone to block undesired numbers get in touch with your service provider,

Using a call-blocking device, utilizing built-in phone capabilities, or investigating third-party apps doing so can greatly enhance your calling experience.

Always be aware of your landline phone’s capabilities and use the technique that best meets your demands. You may then use your landline phone to communicate in peace and without stress, free from the interruptions brought on by telemarketers.


How to block a number on a landline on Verizon Landline?

Verizon suggests that landline customers remove call filtering by dialing 1180 on a rotary or pulse phone. You must call 1160 on such smartphones to enable the feature.

How to block a phone number on landline spectrum?

With the normal star code, Spectrum phone customers may block up to 30 numbers. But the service function has to be activated online first. To stop robocalls, this service also includes a unique Nomorobo replacement by default.

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