How To Know If Someone Muted You On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily communication. And offering a plethora of features that allow users to connect, share, and express themselves. However, the platform’s design also brings about questions of etiquette and communication nuances. 

One common query among users is how to know if someone muted you on Whatsapp.  In this article, we will explore the signs and signals that indicate when someone may have muted your chats or status updates.

Understanding muted whatsapp 

Before diving into the indicators of being muted, it’s crucial to comprehend how muting works on WhatsApp. When you mute someone, it means their messages or status updates won’t trigger notifications on your device. This feature is often used when users want to limit disruptions without outright blocking or unfriending someone.

How to know if someone muted you on WhatsApp status?

There are some signs to know if you mute someone on WhatsApp;

  • Message Read Receipts:

One of the first indicators of being muted on WhatsApp is changes in read receipts. WhatsApp employs two types of read receipts: blue double checkmarks for read messages and a single gray checkmark for delivered messages. If your messages no longer show the blue double checkmarks, it could be an indication that the person has muted your conversations.

Example: You send a message to a friend, and while the single gray checkmark appears, the second checkmark never turns blue, suggesting your message hasn’t been read.

  • Last Seen Visibility:

Another subtle clue is changes in last-seen visibility. If someone has muted you on WhatsApp, their “last seen” timestamp might not update regularly, or it may be entirely hidden. This happens because muting typically involves reducing the frequency of checking messages.

Example: You notice that a friend who usually updates their “last seen” status regularly hasn’t been active, indicating a potential mute.

  • No Online Status Updates:

WhatsApp allows users to see when their contacts are online. However, if you’ve been muted, you might observe that the person’s online status doesn’t update as frequently or remains perpetually offline. This could suggest that the user has muted your chats to avoid constant online notifications.

Example: You notice that a contact who is usually online throughout the day appears offline consistently.

  • Status Updates and Muting:

WhatsApp status updates are another avenue to explore when determining if you’ve been muted. If someone has muted your status updates, you won’t receive direct notifications when they view your statuses. Keep an eye on the list of viewers; if their name consistently appears toward the end or is absent, it might be an indication of muting.

Example: You post a status, and the usual viewer, who is also a WhatsApp contact, doesn’t appear on the list or appears infrequently.

  • No Replies or Engagement:

Muting often correlates with reduced engagement. If you’ve noticed a sudden decline in responses or interactions with a particular contact, it could be an indirect sign that your messages are being muted. Muted conversations often result in delayed or no replies.

Example: You send messages to a friend, but they respond less frequently or not at all.

Status Updates without Interaction:

If someone has muted you on WhatsApp, they might still view your status updates without actively engaging with them. This behavior may indicate a desire to maintain a one-sided observation of your posts without the constant notifications.

Example: You post a status, and the person you suspect of muting regularly views your updates but doesn’t engage with them.

Checking Group Chats:

Group chats provide additional clues about potential muting. If you share a group with the person you suspect has muted you, observe their level of participation. If they are active in the group but less responsive to your direct messages, it might indicate muting.

Example: In a group chat, the person frequently responds to other members but rarely acknowledges your messages.

If you mute someone on WhatsApp status what happens, muted in WhatsApp?

When you mute someone on WhatsApp status, it affects the visibility of their status updates on your end. Here’s what happens when you mute someone’s status on WhatsApp:

  • No Notifications:

If you mute someone’s status, you won’t receive notifications when that person posts a new status update. This is particularly useful if you want to avoid constant alerts for status changes from certain contacts.

  • Statuses won’t appear at the top of your Status tab:

When you mute someone’s status, their updates will not be prioritized or highlighted at the top of your Status tab. This allows you to focus on the status updates of contacts who you haven’t muted.

  • Status Updates in a Separate Section:

Muted status updates are usually moved to a separate section in the Status tab. This section is often labeled as “Muted Updates” or something similar. It provides a space where you can view the muted statuses if you choose to but without the interruptions of notifications.

  • Muted Contacts won’t know they are muted:

Importantly, when you mute someone’s status, they won’t be notified about it. Muting is a private action, and the person you’ve muted will not receive any indication that you’ve chosen to mute their status updates.

  • Your Status Updates are still visible to them:

Muting someone’s status doesn’t affect the visibility of your status updates to that person. Your statuses will still appear in their Status tab as usual unless they choose to mute your updates as well.


In summary, Deciphering whether someone has muted you on WhatsApp involves paying attention to subtle cues in message read receipts, last seen status, online visibility, status updates, and overall engagement. While these signs might not provide concrete evidence, they can help you gauge changes in communication patterns. It’s essential to approach these observations with sensitivity and consider other factors that might contribute to shifts in communication dynamics. 

We hope now you understand how to know if someone muted you on WhatsApp. Ultimately, maintaining open communication and respecting the preferences of others contribute to healthy and considerate interactions on the platform.

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