Can You Send A Text To A Disconnected Number?

send messages on a disconnected number

While on a call or during a call at an indeterminate moment, your phone disconnected, leaving you unsure what to do next. The cost of phone service, obnoxious features, or other factors may be among the causes of a disconnected phone. As a result, concentrating on the topic, “Can you send a text to a disconnected number?” and “How to text on a disconnected phone?” 

This article will inform you of the simple steps you can take in case of a phone disconnection. And walk you through how to make calls and send messages while your phone is down for various causes. It includes those caused by your service network provider.

The Disconnected Phone: What Is It? 

Your service provider may have cut off the connection to your phone for several reasons. Or you or the phone’s owner may have requested the disconnect. It is the result of not paying bills or not using your phone. Your service provider will eventually disconnect you, and others will add your phone number to a database for future use.   

What causes the phone to be disconnected?

The main causes of disconnected phones fall into two categories.

Telecommunication Companies

It can be a result of an account balance that is still owing. Telephony service providers frequently use these pulling-down tactics to entice customers to settle their phone bills. It gets reconnected and then continues using its services.

A Self-disconnection Request 

Speaking of other conditions, your phone may also be disconnected if it hasn’t been used for more than six months.  Another thing to remember regarding requests for self-disconnection is that it depends on the network you are using. Your service provider might allow you to make and receive phone calls and send text messages even if your service network provider has disconnected you. 

Even so, after you have requested to be disconnected, certain service providers may restrict your ability to receive calls and texts.

It varies and depends on the type of network you are using if your network disconnects you from receiving calls or messages. You can receive it without connecting to any network. 

Can you send a text to a disconnected number?

Once a message is delivered, the service provider will receive the saved message as a regular real-time user. Suppose your mobile phone is turned off. It is not possible to get back. They will be kept with the source service providers for a while. It’s totally up to the company, and the time long it takes. It could endure for a short while or for a long time.

 Text messages can also be sent and received over a Wi-Fi connection, as was already mentioned. Frequently, social media apps offer text messaging.

On a disconnected phone, you can still text by using the following methods: 

Make use of pre-installed SMS messages

One of the basic strategies for overcoming challenging circumstances is messaging. With improvements in phone technology, messages are now sent from the device via cloud connections. For instance, you can connect through messages from either cloud service even if your phone is offline or disconnected if your laptop or PC and phone are connected to the same cloud service. 

When a sudden disconnect occurs, it offers a good means of reconnection via text messaging. 

 Use unofficial apps

Another way to recover SMS messages while the phone is unplugged is using third-party messaging software. With third-party texting apps, texting is available from many devices. There are numerous third-party options available, such as:


It is not a conventional SMS messaging alternative because it does not permit text messages to be sent or received from any mobile phone number. To utilize the service, each WhatsApp user must register using their cell phone number, and you can only text other Whatsapp users.


With the help of the Android software Pulse, you may send SMS and MMS right from your phone or tablet due to the ongoing syncing of messages between the devices. Message scheduling, dual SIM compatibility, and caller blocking are just a few of the premium features offered by Pulse. Sending and receiving new SMS requires that your phone be turned on and connected to the network.

Final thoughts

In summary, your phone still functions even if it is disconnected. But can you send a text to a disconnected number? When a phone is disconnected, Wi-Fi streaming of music or videos is still possible. Hence, the message and email can be received from that number. However, it won’t be able to do its primary role, making and receiving calls.

Some applications, however, support calling while connected to Wi-Fi. These apps and other virtual phone lines have messaging features as well. You will not receive text messages sent to your disconnected phone.

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