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Can You Text on a Plane? A Guide to In-Flight Phone Use

On a plane, can you use your phone? Alright, that’s more complicated—these answer all your queries regarding using a phone while flying. We make every effort to simplify things. You might be curious about can you text on a plane.

Suppose you are traveling on a plane thousands of feet above the ground. The many ways to text while flying, whether or not wifi is available, and the laws and guidelines about in-flight communications will all be covered in this article. 

The Basics of Texting While Flying

Texting while traveling has increased due to technological developments and in-flight amenities. However, the airline, the kind of aircraft, and the existing communication infrastructure all have a significant influence on your selections. Some popular ways to text while flying is mentioned above:

Services for wifi in Flight

These days, many airlines provide in-flight wifi so that customers may use their laptops, tablets, or smartphones to access the internet. You may send text messages using several messaging programs. Such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, and others, if you have an active internet connection.

Only some airlines offer in-flight wifi, and there is typically a fee associated with these services. Furthermore, especially when flying over far-off places or vast bodies of water. The connection quality cannot be as dependable as on the ground.

Can you text on a plane? Apps for In-Flight Messaging

Some airlines offer free in-flight texting alternatives to their passengers through partnerships with particular messaging applications. Certain airlines, for instance, may provide complimentary use of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or iMessage while in a flight.

While traveling, this can be the best method to stay connected with loved ones.

Texting (SMS) via Cellular Network

It’s crucial to remember that most aircraft are outfitted with equipment. It restricts users from making calls on their mobile devices while in Flight. Texting over a cellular network is only sometimes prohibited, though. 

On certain aircraft, messaging services can function by utilizing your mobile data subscription. Remember that if you choose this option when traveling overseas, you could have to pay for international roaming.

Connectivity during Flight: An Expanding Pattern

There is a steady increase in the availability of in-flight connectivity as more airlines make technological investments to give customers internet access. 

Despite its imperfections and potential incompatibility with bandwidth-demanding apps or video streaming. Texting is often a low-data activity and should function fairly well with in-flight wifi.

Can you text while on a plane?

In-flight wifi is the most popular and dependable method of texting while traveling, as was previously noted. Though they have restrictions, the following options might nevertheless let you text without a Wi-Fi connection:

SMS over Cellular Network: 

You might be able to send text messages using your cellular data connection if your airline allows it. You could text without wifi if you did this. But as was already noted, there may be costs associated with international roaming.

Workaround for Aeroplane Mode: 

Some travelers have reported that by turning on Aeroplane Mode and then reactivating Bluetooth or wifi (if available). They can send and receive texts on their phones. This is not an official procedure, and it might not even be effective on some flights.

Offline Messaging Applications: 

You can compose messages even when you’re not online by using some messaging applications that have an offline mode. This message will be sent when you reconnect with your network. Due to restrictions and limitations, real-time communication may not be possible with this approach. 

Can you text on a plane with iPhone?

Texting while flying is very easy for iPhone users who have access to in-flight wifi. Here’s how to text on your iPhone while in the air:

Connect to In-Flight wifi: 

Once the aircraft’s wifi is operational, use your iPhone to connect to the network in the same way that you would with any other wifi.

Use Messaging Apps: 

You are free to utilize any other preferred messaging platform or well-known messaging apps like iMessage or WhatsApp. Open the application, and then send texts to your contacts.

Be Aware of Costs:

 The cost of using in-flight wifi may vary depending on the airline and the particular wifi package you select. First, check the options for pricing and pick the one that best fits your needs.

Signal Strength: 

The strength of the in-flight Wi-Fi signal can fluctuate. So, if you’re used to message delivery on the ground, be prepared for occasional delays or slower delivery.


In summary, it’s common for people to to want to know if they can you text on a plane in this age of always-on connectivity. Yes, but it’s important to know your options, the costs involved, and any potential restrictions. Texting while on Flight has become easier thanks to in-flight Wi-Fi services, although connection quality varies.

If you need to stay connected during your Flight, check with your airline beforehand. Consider getting an in-flight Wi-Fi package and prepare for possible message delivery delays. Texting while traveling will get easier and more dependable as technology advances.


Can you text on a plane without wifi?

Since you’ll require a cellular network connection, standard SMS messaging usually won’t function while you’re in the air. Nonetheless, you can talk to people on the ground if there’s wifi on the aircraft.

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