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How To Track A Textnow Number?

A well-known mobile app and web service called TextNow offers free texting and calling numbers. While it provides a practical means of communication, several circumstances may call for the necessity to track a TextNow number. 

We will examine how to track a textnow number. And factors to be considered when tracking a TextNow number in this extensive post. Please be aware that tracing a phone number without permission could violate privacy regulations. As a result, it should only be done for valid and legal reasons.

Understanding TextNow Numbers

Before diving into tracking techniques, it’s important to comprehend TextNow numbers and why they can be difficult to track. Users can get free virtual phone lines from TextNow, frequently used for brief communications. Determining the source of these numbers is challenging because they can be altered or removed at any time. 

Tracking attempts are further complicated by TextNow’s privacy measures, which are also available. But how do you trace a text now number?

How can I track a textnow number?

However, learning details about a TextNow number using the appropriate methods is still feasible.

Contact law enforcement

The first thing to do is to get in touch with the proper authorities. If you think someone is using a TextNow number for illicit purposes or if you are worried about someone’s safety. Law enforcement organizations are legally permitted to follow phone numbers and look into conceivable criminal activity. 

Give them all the information they need, including the problematic TextNow number, and let them tackle the situation.

Tracking text now numbers by contacting TextNow Support for Help

In some circumstances, TextNow’s customer support services can help you. They can assist you with problems relating to harassment or improper use of the app. 

But they will only give you personal information about a TextNow user if you make a legitimate legal request. For assistance, get in touch with the TextNow support staff via their website or app.

Services for Reverse Phone Lookup

Online resources like reverse phone lookup services can be used to find out who owns a phone number, including TextNow numbers . Whitepages, Spokeo, and Intelius are a few well-known alternatives. Utilising these services

  • Go to the website of the service you have selected.
  • Enter the TextNow number you want to track in the box.
  • Watch for the service to perform a database search.
  • If information on the owner is accessible, you might get their name and address.

Please be aware that these services may only sometimes provide correct or up-to-date information, especially for TextNow numbers, and that their accuracy may vary.

How to track a textnow phone number using Search on social media?

Numerous users connect their TextNow numbers to their social networking accounts. You can perform a search for the owner of the TextNow number on websites. Like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn if you know their name and believe they use the same name elsewhere online. 

Using this technique, you can learn more about the person, such as where they live or who their friends are.

Track a Textnow phone number using a search on Google

Sometimes, a straightforward Google search might produce unexpected results. Suppose you have any further information, such as the owner’s name or any other relevant information. Please enter it in the search area along with the TextNow number.  

Legal Alternatives

You may think about suing if specific circumstances apply, such as when a TextNow number is harassing you or threatening you. Explore your alternatives with a lawyer. 

Including asking a judge to issue a warrant compelling TextNow to reveal details regarding the owner of the targeted phone number.

Sharing GPS Location Data

Use smartphone applications like Find My iPhone (iOS) or Find My Device (Android) to follow a TextNow user’s current position. If you can gain their trust and they agree to give you access to their location data. This strategy is lawful and morally acceptable only if both parties agree to the location sharing.

Apps for spying or monitoring  

Despite their claims, certain third-party spy or monitoring apps frequently operate in the murky territory of the law. Without the user’s permission, using such apps may be against the law and result in repercussions. Before exploring these choices, use caution and get legal advice.


In summary, it can be difficult to trace a TextNow number, especially if the user values their privacy. When attempting to monitor a TextNow number, it is critical to adhere to moral and legal standards and respect people’s private rights. 

Involve the proper authorities whenever you can, or hire legal representation to make sure your actions are legal.

In this post, we have told you different approaches to tracking a textnow number. You should always respect people’s privacy. You should only track someone’s phone number if you have a good cause to do so and if it’s lawful to do so.

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