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As we all know that mobile phones are an important part of everyone’s life in this modern age. This amazing gadget helps out us in every field, whether for business, play, or communication.  Have you ever wondered when your mobile phone was activated?

 For warranty purposes, to estimate the market value of your phone, and for personal monitoring. It might be helpful to know when your phone was activated. 

This article offers a thorough how-to guide about how to check mobile activation date, and step-by-step directions using different models of devices.

How to check mobile activation date using IMEI number?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the IMEI number to find out when your mobile device was activated.

Step 1: Locate Your IMEI Number 

The IMEI number acts as the unique fingerprint for your device. You can find the IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your phone’s keyboard. Once you do, it will show up on the screen. In addition, if the battery is detachable. You can locate it on a sticker under the battery or the device’s original package.

Step 2: Access the official manufacturer’s website

The majority of significant mobile phone producers have internet resources that let you access different information about your device. Including the date of activation. 

Visit the manufacturer’s official website and look for the “Support” or “Device Information” section. When prompted, enter your IMEI number, and the website. You don’t need to make a call.

Step 3: Speak with customer service

Consider contacting customer care if the manufacturer’s website is unable to provide you with the activation date. Give your IMEI number to the support staff when you make contact with them via phone, live chat, or email. 

They ought to be able to help you find the activation date connected to your device.

Step 4: Consult your mobile carrier 

The dates that devices on their network were activated are also kept on file by mobile carriers. Call their customer support number or stop by the nearest carrier shop. 

They may provide you with details about your device, including its activation date if you provide them your IMEI number.

How to check samsung mobile activation date?

Method 1

Find the IMEI Number:

Press *#06# on the keyboard of your Samsung phone to bring up the IMEI number on the screen. Alternatively, you may locate the IMEI number in the phone’s settings or in the original box.

Go to the Samsung website: 

Visit the Samsung official website 

Visit the Support page: 

On the front page of the website, look for the “Support” subsection.

IMEI Number, please: 

Find the option to check the warranty status or device details. Enter the IMEI of your Samsung phone.

Activation Date Retrieved:

To recover details about your device, such as the activation date, simply follow the on-screen instructions. The date that your Samsung mobile device was activated should be shown on the website.

Method 2: Contact Samsung Customer Support  

Gather IMEI Number

Check the original packaging or dial *#06# on your device’s keypad to find the IMEI number of your Samsung phone.

Message customer service

Contact Samsung’s customer service department through phone, live chat, or email. Give them the IMEI number and explain that you want to verify the activation date of your Samsung mobile device.

Support from Support

The customer service agent should have access to information about your device, including the date of activation. And from here you can gain all the required information.

How to check mobile activation date in vivo?

IMEI Number: For checking the activation date of a vivo smartphone brand, dial *#06#  on your vivo phone, or you have another option to get the code, as you can find it on the original packaging.

Vivo Website: Visit the official Vivo website  

Support Section: Navigate to the “Support” or “Services” section.

IMEI Check: Look for an option to check your device’s IMEI information.

Input IMEI: Provide Vivo phone’s IMEI number.

Activation Date: The website should display the activation date of your Vivo mobile device. This information is useful for warranty, resale, and personal tracking purposes.

How to check mi mobile activation date?

To check the activation date of a Mi (Xiaomi) mobile device, you can follow these steps:

  • IMEI Number: To get the IMEI number, simply dial *#06# on your Mi phone’s keypad. You have two other options to find it, first to check it on the original packaging, or in the device’s settings.
  • Mi Website: Visit the official Mi website 
  • Support Section: Navigate to the “Support” or “Services” section on the website

How to check oppo mobile activation date?

To check the activation date of an Oppo mobile device, follow these steps:

IMEI Number: 

Dial *#06# on your Oppo phone’s keypad to view the IMEI number on the screen. Alternatively, locate it on the original packaging or in the phone’s settings.

Oppo Website: 

Visit the official Oppo website

Support or Services:

Navigate to the “Support” or “Services” section on the website.

IMEI Check:

 Look for an option related to warranty or device information.

Enter IMEI: 

Enter your Oppo phone’s IMEI number in the provided field.

Activation Date: 

After submitting the IMEI, the website should provide you with details about your Oppo mobile device, including its activation date. This information is valuable for warranty verification, resale estimation, and personal record-keeping purposes.


In summary, it’s crucial to have quick access to information about our gadgets in a world where technology rules. In addition to assisting with warranty issues and resale transactions look up the activation date of your smartphone

It gives you more control over how well you can keep track of the history of your particular gadget. You should follow the steps How to check mobile activation date?

You may easily find out this important information. These steps surely help you out to make decisions about your mobile device  

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