how to change background color on instagram story when sharing post

How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

A colourful canvas for sharing memories and interacting with followers, Instagram Stories have grown in popularity. The backdrop colour plays a crucial role in making your story stand out. And can elevate an ordinary post to a visually spectacular masterpiece.

Changing the background colour of a post can boost its overall appearance and add a personal touch. To make sure your Instagram Stories are as interesting and captivating as possible, this tutorial will lead you through the steps and provide helpful hints. Take a look and learn how to change background color on Instagram story.

How to change the background color on Instagram story? Easiest methods

A fun and interesting method to share moments with your followers is through Instagram Stories. Adding a different background color to your tale might help it stand out and become more enticing.

These are the simplest ways to alter the colour of the backdrop on your Instagram story, complete with detailed instructions.

Method 1: Modify the Colour of the New Story’s Background

The first step go to Stories on Instagram

–  With your mobile device, open the Instagram app.
–  You may launch the Stories camera by tapping on your profile image located at the top left of your feed, or you can swipe right from anywhere inside the feed.

Make a New Story in Step Two

–  One has the option to capture a fresh image or video or share one from your collection.
–  From the bottom of the screen, swipe up to reveal the “Create” option (Aa icon), which will start you with a blank canvas.

Thirdly modify the Colour of the Background

–  Press and hold the screen to open the text editor when you’re in Create mode.
–  To choose between the various backdrop colours, tap the coloured circle at the top of the screen. Instagram comes with a range of standard colours.
–  Select a desired colour by tapping the “Draw” tool (smooth line icon) located at the top of the screen.
–  From the colour palette at the bottom, pick the colour you desire. To view additional colours, swipe left on the colour pallet.
–  Once the backdrop has completely changed to the colour of your choice, press and hold any place on the screen.

 Put stickers or text there in four four-step

– Once your backdrop colour has been selected, use the icons at the top of the screen to add text, stickers, GIFs, or any other components.
– Press “Your Story” to share your story after you’re happy with it.

Method 2: How to change the background color on instagram story using the Eraser Tool?

Step 1: Set Up a Background:

To use the “Draw” tool to generate a backdrop colour, follow the procedures in Method 1.

Step 2: Include a Picture or Video

– You may either take a straight snapshot or video or upload one.
– Choose the “Draw” tool.
– To fill the screen with a selected colour, press and hold the screen.

Step 3: Remove A Section of the Background

–  Make Use of the Eraser
–  From the draw menu, pick the “Eraser” tool.
–  To create an artistic overlay effect, remove portions of the coloured backdrop to expose the photo or video behind.

How to change background color on instagram story when sharing post?

The default backdrop colour may not always suit your style when posting a post to your story from your feed or someone else’s. That may be altered as follows:

Post a Story on Social Media in Step 1

–  Open the post you wish to share by navigating there.
–  In the area beneath the post, tap the paper airplane icon.
–  Click on “Add post to your story.”

Adjust the Background in Step 2

–  Default gradient background will be used for the post.
–  The “Draw” tool is located at the top of the screen. Tap it.
–  The colour palette at the bottom allows you to select the desired colour.
–  All across the screen, press and hold. In the centre will remain the visible post as the chosen colour will fill the backdrop.

Complete Your Story in the last step

–  Additional components like text, stickers, or GIFs can be used if needed.
–  Select “Your Story” to allow your followers to see the personalized story.

How to change the background color on instagram story when sharing a post using create mode?

Step 1: Open the Create Mode

To use the Stories camera, open Instagram and either press your profile image or swipe right from the stream. This will open Stories.

Access Create Mode:

To access “Create” mode, swipe right on the camera’s screen.

Step 2: Alter the Colour of the Background

To alter the backdrop colour, tap the coloured circle located at the bottom right. Go through each of the available colours until you discover a colour you like.

Third Step: Include the Post

–  To add a post as a sticker, tap the sticker symbol (a square happy face) at the top.
–  After selecting the “Post” sticker, select the post that you wish to share.
–  Adjust the post’s position and size in relation to the background.

Step 4: Completion of your Story

–  To enhance your tale, add text, stickers, or GIFs.
–  Press “Your Story” to share it.

How to change background color on instagram story gradient?

Your stories may seem more vibrant and lively by using gradient backdrops. Although Instagram lacks a gradient feature, you can still create this effect with third-party applications or a short trick.

Method 1: Making Use of third party Apps

Install an editing app for photos:

Tools for making gradient backdrops are available in apps such as Canva, Adobe Spark, and Over.

Develop a Background Gradient:

To start a new design, launch the app. The gradient tool may be used to alter the gradient’s colour and orientation.

Keep and Post to Instagram:

Conserve your artwork and post it on Instagram to use as a story backdrop.

Way 2: Utilising Instagram’s Colour Picker Feature

Begin a New Narrative:

Launch the Stories camera, snap, or upload a picture.

Draw Tool:

Tap the “Draw” tool and choose your desired colour.

Colour Picker:

To create an improvised gradient effect, use the colour picker tool (the eyedropper icon) to select several colours from your photo.

Draw Lines:

To simulate a gradient, draw lines or other forms using various colours.

Blur Tool:

If it’s available, combine the colours to create a smooth gradient effect by using the blur tool.

Extra Tips and Techniques

First tip: Use GIFs and stickers

Stickers and GIFs can enhance the colour of your backdrop and add interest to your story. Instagram has a large selection of animated stickers that can improve your story’s aesthetic appeal.

Second Tip: Formatting Text

Try varying the text fonts, sizes, and colours to see how they blend in or stand out against your backdrop. This can improve the readability of your story by drawing attention to the most crucial details.

Third Tip: Effects Layering

Text, stickers, and drawings may all be layered to produce a more intricate and captivating design. To give your tale more dimension, try overlaying semi-transparent stickers or text.

Fourth Tip: Highlight Covers

Make sure the backdrop colors or gradients of any tales you’re developing for a spotlight are consistent. Your profile’s highlights will have a unified appearance as a result.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, now you are aware of how to change background color on instagram story. You may showcase your creativity and increase the attention to your material by changing the backdrop colour of your Instagram stories.

These approaches can help you produce visually striking tales that stand out. Whether you’re beginning with a blank canvas, publishing a post, or making a gradient background.

You may up your Instagram story game and draw in viewers with the appropriate arrangement of colours, text, and other features. You may make visually stunning and distinctively personal Instagram stories by using these methods and experimenting with different styles.  Cheers to many storytelling adventures!

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