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Call Ended Immediately After Dialing Android

Have you ever tried to make a call but were unable to finish it? Because the call ended as soon as you dialed the number? It’s possibly one of the most unpleasant phone-related experiences you could have. Many Android users face the call termination issue every day. They won’t automatically have their call cut off when they attempt to make one. So, in this article, we will see why the call ended immediately after dialing Android. And how can you fix this problem? In the section below, you will learn about potential suspects and countermeasures for your calling-related problems.

What does it mean if call doesn’t ring just ends?

If you dialled a number and the call was disconnected without ringing, there is insufficient connection to place the call. This connection can be due to a problem with the phone you are trying to call or your phone’s service provider. It’s also possible that the person cannot be reached because their phone is off. Usually, it does not signify that the person you are calling has hung up if you notice a call termination. So, don’t judge anybody if the android phone call ended immediately.

It is typically the result of a bad connection that prevents you from making the call as planned. In other instances, it’s possible that the caller abruptly disconnected to keep you from contacting them.

Why is my call ends immediately after dialing? 

Call Ended Before Ringing CodeIncept

There is a straightforward explanation if you’ve ever wondered. Why your phone cuts off right after you try to make a call? 

  • Right now, your phone is unable to establish a reliable connection with the number you are calling.
  • Typically, this is self-inflicted, but occasionally, it might come from the person you are attempting to reach.
  • You might not be able to make the call correctly if your signal is acting up.
  • It will be tough for your call to go through as planned if the connection you must establish the call on is weak.
  • Phones are fragile gadgets that may be damaged if handled harshly. The ability to make calls on your phone may even be disabled. It is depending on the severity of the damage and the hardware involved.
  • In general, purchasing used phones enables users to own equipment with desired capabilities without having to pay a lot of money. However, it’s noteworthy that a percentage of used phones also tend to be stolen and blacklisted by network providers.

Signal transmission and reception are frequently prohibited on such phones. That’s why the call ended immediately after dialing.

  • There is a risk that the receiver is now blocking your phone number. If you are only having problems calling one specific number. You could try making a call using a different SIM card to confirm.

Now we will see how to fix the call ended immediately after dialing Android. Knowing the reasons why you can’t make a successful call allows you to fix the problem by following the instructions.

How to fix it if the call ends immediately after dialing Android?

Call Ends Immediately After Dialing CodeIncept

Different faults demand different repairs. However, if you want to stop your calls from cutting off again, it’s highly advised that you perform these steps.

  • Look to See If Aeroplane Mode Is On

You might have accidentally set your device’s Aeroplane mode, in which case making calls will be impossible. This is because your phone loses service when it is in Aeroplane mode. Making it appear as though it is not connected to any service providers.

As a result, you should make sure the Aeroplane mode is activated. You should shut it off if it’s on.

  • Just restart the device

At this point, restarting your smartphone will be essential. This is due to the possibility that your phone’s flaws prevent your network from correctly placing the call.

Restarting your iOS or Android smartphone will fix the problem if the android call ended immediately on your phone.

  •  See if you’ve been blocked

Your call may have been cut off by the person you are attempting to reach because they may have blocked you. You should dial and call the user’s number on another sim card of yours or another person’s phone. And see if you have been blocked by the user. This may be the reason why your call ended immediately after dialing Android.

  • Problems in Phone 

Although it’s less frequent, this problem can be related to hardware or software problems with your phone. Hardware will be discussed first. Rarely do hardware problems cause a call to expire silently. The antenna and signal processing elements make up the majority of the phone’s hardware. You probably won’t be able to receive any signal at all if they aren’t operating. In reality, surfing the internet through your carrier is a simple approach to determine if this is the issue.

If you believe you have a hardware issue, you can get assistance from the phone company or the phone maker.

  • The call ended immediately due to sim card

The sim card establishes a connection between you and your service provider so you can make a call. Therefore, before making the call, you should check to make sure your sim card is in working order. If your call ended immediately after dialing AndroidMake sure you successfully register your sim card using the procedures specified by your service providers. You won’t be able to initiate the call if your sim’s registration is incomplete. 

Change the sim and place the call with the new sim if you have attempted to register the sim correctly. But it is still incomplete. You can try contacting the number if you have another sim to see if it works. 

  • Check registration of Phone

The registration process for phones should be automatic. A SIM card and a phone are provided. The carrier compares them, and the phone’s and card’s identification numbers are put together. So, check the registration of the phone if the call ends immediately after dialing. All of this is done to correctly recognize the phone on the carrier network. So that it can connect to it when calls are placed. You won’t be able to directly connect with any phone call if something goes wrong with phone registration.

If you call a number, you won’t hear the phone ring. You might still be able to carry out Wi-Fi calls or calls made through apps despite this issue. However, dialling the carrier directly will not work.

Contact your carrier to have them fix your phone registration as a repair for this.

  • Check the signals

Before making a call, you need to make sure you have a strong enough signal to do so. On your Android or iOS smartphone, the bars adjacent to your network provider have something to do with this. You should be aware if you don’t have adequate signal to make the call. If you see that the bars are less than they should be or that there are no bars at all. This can be the result of a bad signal right now where you are.

This can be one of the reasons if the call ended immediately after dialing Android.

  • Place your main SIM card in slot 1if phone ends calls immediately

Placing the SIM in SIM slot 1 is another approach to the call-ended issue. To increase your data speed, always place your primary SIM card in slot 1. The call-ended number problem could be resolved by setting your SIM slot to 1.

  • Reset network configuration

If the problem persists, you should attempt to reset the network settings on your Android or iOS device. This is due to the possibility that you accidentally changed something specific in the network settings. But you are unable to locate it.

Therefore, restoring the network settings will restore them to their default state. It can help your network function normally once more. And the issue, android phone call ends immediately, will be resolved.

  • Check Recharge

Additionally, when your phone’s balance runs out, this may occur. Therefore, check your balance first, and if there is none, replenish it. Your call end issue will be resolved following a recharge.

Talk to the service provider

The final step to address this problem is to contact your service provider after attempting all the aforementioned advice. And if I’m still experiencing the problem, the call ends as soon as I dial.

In order to communicate with the customer support of your network provider, you can call one of their contact information. When you try to call someone using their sim, you can experience difficulties. You can contact their customer service and let them know about this.

The problem with others phone if the call ended before ringing

If you try calling from a different number and it still doesn’t ring, you’ve run into a different possible scenario.

  • Most likely, the issue is with the other phone. 
  • Any and all of the issues mentioned in the first section can occur with the other person’s phone and account.
  • It’s possible that their SIM card is giving them problems.
  • The phone may be unable to establish a connection with the carrier.

So, it can be a reason for the call to end after dialing the number. Consider all aspects before taking a step.


In summary, you can use the advice to resolve the issue. If the call ended immediately after dialing Android for any of the reasons we’ve given above. Your inability to place a call due to a lost signal or a bad network. It is the cause of why your calls cease as soon as you make them. 

It’s also possible that the person you’re phoning has blocked calls from you. If that occurs, you won’t be able to phone them using your number at any time. As a result, you should make sure your signal and sim card is in good working order.

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