Private Store for WooCommerce


Control access to your online store with ease using the Private Store plugin by codeincept. Restrict products, categories, and content to selected users, ensuring privacy and exclusivity. 


Private Store by Codeincept provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking enhanced control over their WooCommerce stores. This robust tool seamlessly integrates with both default and custom WooCommerce login or registration forms, offering flexibility in how you manage user access. You have the option to privatize your entire store or selectively restrict access to specific products, categories, tags, and pages according to your business needs.

 For added security and management, the plugin allows manual approval of new user registrations, empowering you to vet and approve new customers before granting access. Whether you’re running a private membership site, managing exclusive product lines, or implementing wholesale operations, Private Store for WooCommerce provides the tools you need to protect your store’s content and tailor access permissions effectively.


  • Privatize the entire website for guest users, requiring them to log in or register to access any content.
  • Restrict access to WooCommerce products, product categories, product tags, and pages, ensuring only logged-in users can view them.
  • Implement country-specific restrictions to privatize products, categories, tags, and pages for guest users from specific countries only.
  • Disable search engine robots from crawling and indexing private posts and pages, maintaining privacy and exclusivity.
  • Enable manual approval of new customer registrations, allowing you to review and approve each registration individually.
  • Optionally disable user login access for specific customers or situations, providing flexibility in managing access to your site. 


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