Password Protected Categories & Store


Password Protected Categories & Store by codeincept can easily protect sensitive product categories and your entire store with password access, ensuring confidentiality and exclusivity for your customers.


This plugin offers a seamless solution for WooCommerce store owners looking to restrict access to specific product categories or their entire inventory. Whether you’re running a members-only store, selling confidential products, or managing exclusive collections, Password Protected Categories & Store provides the security and flexibility you need to control access effectively. 

Protect your business and provide a secure shopping experience for your customers with this essential WooCommerce extension. This feature is ideal for businesses selling exclusive products, membership-based services, or requiring controlled access to certain merchandise.


  • Password protects individual products, pages, product categories, product tags, or entire websites effortlessly.
  • Add multiple passwords for each category, tag, product, or page, offering flexibility in access control.
  • Enable selective password protection based on specific countries, ensuring regional access management.
  • Support hierarchical password protection for product categories, allowing nested security settings.
  • Choose between simple or custom login forms for a seamless user experience.

Automatically extend protection to products belonging to password-protected categories or tags, simplifying management and ensuring comprehensive security


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