why i can not call on a specific number

why won’t my call go through to a certain number

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Trying to determine the cause of why a particular number won’t accept my call? It can be quite irritating and frustrating. Multiple attempts to call the number have gone unanswered while calls to other numbers have been successful. There may be a lot of reasons; why won’t my call go through to a certain number. You have a legitimate reason to be curious about and interested in why this is occurring, and I will provide you with an explanation in this post.

 In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most frequent causes of disconnected calls and offer solutions.

Why won’t my call go through to a specific phone number?

There may be numerous factors. 

  • The number you’re trying to call may be inaccurate or no longer be serviceable.
  • The recipient may have blocked your number, 
  • You may have unintentionally blacklisted the number
  • There may be a problem with your cell phone or phone service.

The caller has probably blocked your number from contacting their mobile phone. If you’ve tried calling a particular number several times or for a few days and it still won’t connect.

Reasons why can’t I call a certain number

There may still be additional factors, though. Below, we’ve attempted to thoroughly describe every potential cause as well as some potential solutions.

  • Network problems

A network problem could also be the explanation, however, this is extremely uncommon. Especially if you have called the person’s phone several times on separate days. A problem with the network can cause such a problem. And I have personally witnessed it happen. If for example, you have been dialing the number all day and it is not working. It does happen, but it’s quite uncommon.

  • You mistakenly blocked that individual

In this situation, you are the one that obstructed the person rather than the other way around. Usually, blocking someone can be done inadvertently and you weren’t aware of it. Open your call and navigate to settings to make sure you didn’t block the person. Search for any blocked numbers and make sure you haven’t unintentionally blocked the person’s phone. Same like we change alarm sound

  • This phone number is no longer active

Even though you are convinced the number is right and you have been trying to call it for several days. Why can’t I call out? This could be that the number is no longer active. It’s possible that the person disabled their number for any variety of reasons. It’s possible that he or she has deactivated the number you’re trying to call and bought a new one.

If the individual is one of your friends on these social media networking sites. You may try contacting them by another means, such as through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or another social media app.

  • Someone has blocked your phone number

Moving on, another potential explanation for why phone calls not going through? It is that the person you are attempting to reach has banned your number. The likelihood that someone has blocked you from calling on his or her phone is significant.

Particularly if you have been trying to reach them for several days and the calls still don’t go through. Try phoning the person from an unfamiliar, brand-new number to be sure this is the case. This time, if the call connects, it is obvious that the person has banned your number and that is why it is not working the first time.

  • Inaccurate Number

The number you are using is inaccurate. It is a cause of your call failing to connect to a particular number. Verify the number again to be sure it’s accurate before trying to call again.

Regardless of how many times you try, the call will not connect if the number is wrong.

Fixes if my calls are not going through

There is little you can do if the person you are calling has blocked your number. Nevertheless, the solutions listed below can be used. If the number isn’t connecting because of a network problem or technical issue.

Airplane mode can be turned on and off

Verify that Aeroplane mode isn’t accidentally turned on in your Android smartphone. Activate the flight mode, wait a short while, then turn it off to restart the network if it is not inactive. Navigate to Settings, Wi-Fi & Network, and Aeroplane Mode to enable or disable flight mode. On or off the switch.

  • Check your SIM card

Calls may not be made or received on your Android device if the SIM card is not properly fitted. You can take out your SIM card if the call not connecting. Make sure it is inserted as the device’s maker instructed over the SIM tray. Anyhow, you should remove and reinsert the SIM card to determine whether you can place calls or not.

  • Call the person at a different number

Calling them from a different number might work. If you think they may have blocked your number and that is why; calls not going through Android. Make sure the person you are calling about has never heard of the number before. If the phone call connects to this new number, it has been stopped by the other party.

  • Restart the phone

Restart the device first. Your phone will get a fresh start and the network connection will be restored by restarting the device. Simply restarting your device may be sufficient to fix any issues with it and your network connection.

  • Attempt to reach the person through multiple channels

Next, you can get in touch with the person utilizing alternative channels. Such as email, social network messaging, or a messaging tool like WhatsApp.

  • Reach out to your network provider

You should phone your network operator from a different number or utilize social media channels. To confirm that the concerned SIM card is active and hasn’t been blacklisted. If the SIM card is functional, you could get useful information to solve the SIM card issue. If your phone can place and receive calls using a different SIM card, get in touch with the carrier. Hardware is probably to blame if none of the suggested fixes were successful in fixing the issue. 

It’s time to visit a reputable repair facility with your smartphone to have any potential hardware faults looked at. Also, don’t forget to let us know which aspects of the resort were successful for you.

  • Unblock the number

If I can’t call out on my phone, then I must check whether the number is blocked or not. If blocked, then first unblock the number.

The steps listed below can be used to unblock the contact:

  • Activate the app on your phone
  • Click the three dots in the top right corner, then click “Settings.”
  • Then click “Call blocking settings.”
  • On this page, click “Blocked Number.”

You can see at this point whether you have blocked the phone number or not.


In summary, if you wonder why won’t my call go through to a certain number? Then read the above mentioned reasons. Your call could not be connected to a specific number for several reasons. The number might not be in use anymore or it might have been disconnected for any reason. Additionally, it’s conceivable that the person you’re attempting to contact has changed their phone number. Or it has blocking services turned on. Whatever the cause, you can take measures to attempt and fix the problem so you can contact the person you’re trying to reach.

why my number hangs up when i call someone

Why when I call a number it automatically hangs up?

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Your phone may currently be experiencing one of several conditions that cause spontaneous phone hanging. When you call a number on your mobile phone, it abruptly hangs up without even ringing. And notifies you that the phone number is off, there is a problem.

You must be wondering why when I call a number it automatically hangs up. The term call dropping refers to a problem that is fairly prevalent and is characterized by instances. Where a caller’s phone would frequently automatically hang up.

So, in this article, I will explain to you the reasons for this problem and also the fixes. Keep reading the post till the end.

What does it signify when you call somebody and the call immediately hangs up?  

It may just mean the person is talking to someone else at the same time you’re calling. Also has the phone been off, or sent the call directly to voicemail? Try again later. A blocked number may be the cause if the one-ring, straight-to-voicemail trend continues. 

When you call a number and the phone beeps and hangs up.   It either signifies the person you’re calling is highly busy on another call or that they have blocked you.

The recipient being on another call is typically the main cause of a call beeping and then hanging up. With a variety of factors, including the network service provider, you might or might not notice users busy. But the call will instead beep twice or more and cease immediately.

The recipient is probably on another call or is being blocked if a call hangs up repeatedly without ringing.

Why does my phone hang up when I call someone?

 The most frequent causes for this include;

  • When someone blocks your number on their mobile phone. 
  • When you’ve been disconnected, 
  • When the recipient’s phone is turned off, 
  • When a hoax call is received, 
  • When the recipient has a very poor network connection.

Reasons why do my calls keep hanging up

  • The receiver blocked your number

The first thing that comes to mind when you inquire as to what it means when you phone someone. And they immediately hang up that they might have blocked you. As I have personally attested, this is a very compelling argument.

For iPhone

The call won’t connect if an individual using an iPhone blocks you on their mobile device. It will hang up as soon as you dial the number. 

For Android 

However, this is very different from a Samsung phone. When somebody blocks you on a Samsung phone, you will hear (number busy) when you try to call them. The recipient may appear to be busy. But in reality, the recipient has banned your number on their Samsung phone.

Fix this issue

To call the individual, I advise you to use a different phone number that the recipient is not aware of.

  • Cracked SIM card

The SIM card may have become damaged if you just had access to it. Or if a specialist recently fixed your phone. Either incorrect insertion or a minor bend in it will result in the phone automatically hangs up.

Opening your phone’s SIM card slot and performing the traditional eyeball test can allow you to determine damage. So, this is one of the reasons why when I call a number it automatically hangs up.

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 Fix this issue 

To solve this issue, open your phone and make sure everything appears to be in order. The best course of action is to take it to a phone specialist. And have the issue fixed if you discover that it appears damaged? 

Check to see whether you still have a warranty, though, if the SIM card needs to be replaced. Either for call or text messages.

  • Poor network reception  

Unexpected call termination can be brought on by poor network reception or coverage. It can be caused by either the caller’s network or the receiver network provider.

I’m basing this on my personal experience when my cell phone’s network reception was bad. This is the most common reason why when I call a number it automatically hangs up.

Fix the issue

    • By looking at your phone, determine the signal strength in the location you are in.
    • Look for establishments that provide free WiFi, such as eateries, coffee shops, or bookshops.
    • You might need to move to higher ground if you are not close to those locations.
    • Watch your phone’s signal strength and make a call when you are within range.
  • Reset required for network settings

Unbelievably, there are situations when the settings also require a reboot. The network is frequently under construction or you are moving between certain locations. Some network settings must therefore be reset as a result if the phone hangs up when I answer.

Fix the issue 

    • Going into settings, selecting the network options, then doing a reset will take care of the problem. 
    • You might also try turning the aeroplane mode on and off again. The network settings are also reset by this, for some reason.  
    • By closing some connections and opening them again, your Network settings 
  • Your Phone Needs to Reboot

Turning my phone off and back on helped me address the majority of my phone-related issues. The majority of my issues disappear as a result. Additionally, it re-starts any missing update alerts. After doing this, you should see if your phone is freezing or dropping calls.  

Try some of the other troubleshooting techniques listed below if it is still acting in the same way and the call doesn’t ring just ends.

  • Your phone needs a software upgrade  

The reason why when I call a number it automatically hangs up? It could be due to outdated firmware or software.

If you check the software update on your phone and discover that there is an update readily accessible. You should upgrade your phone right away because it can be the cause of your call disconnecting.

  • Your phone requires a new battery

The battery replacement is another troubleshooting technique that might just be effective. Despite the possibility of recharging, your phone’s battery will eventually need to be changed.  

A battery’s worth will begin to decline the more times it is recharged. Your phone will be more prone to faults and perhaps hang-ups if the battery is bad. The condition of the charging cord could also be checked. On occasion, your battery doesn’t receive enough power to fully charge.

  • The phone call is fraudulent

When I try to call someone it hangs up, it’s probably a scam call. Especially if you don’t know who called or from what cell number.

A typical scam call would hang up right away since the caller does not want the recipient to answer. To avoid getting hacked, kindly exercise extreme caution and don’t call back.

  • The number you are calling is no longer active 

Calling an old phone number is yet another clear example of this type of issue. If a person abandons a sim card for an extended period. The network provider will deactivate the number and later allocate it to another person.

If you haven’t phoned the individual in a while and the call keeps hanging up before it rings. The phone number might no longer exist and have been deactivated. This can be the reason why when I call a number it automatically hangs up.

  • The network service provider might have cut you off

When you call someone and the phone doesn’t ring or even ring at all, what does that mean? Because of unpaid phone bills or other reasons, you might have been disconnected by your network service provider.

Making calls will be challenging or impossible once you’ve been disconnected by your network service provider. Because you didn’t have enough time to call or were disconnected. If you called a number and the phone immediately hangs up at start of call android.

  • Your phone’s memory needs cleaning up

The memory may be having an impact if your phone frequently freezes and drops calls. Check your phone’s memory and make some space available. Data and programs are deleted to do this. You can uninstall any unused or useless apps from your device.

The following are the top techniques for clearing phone memory:

  • Delete all of your videos and photo files from your phone after uploading them to your computer.
  • You can get unlimited storage by storing your videos and photographs on the cloud.

Why does my phone hang up after 8 hours?

There are restrictions on how long calls can last with the majority of providers, including AT&T, Verizon, etc. When such thresholds are reached, the call auto disconnects and you must phone the other party again to continue.

This is because having a call that lasts for eight hours is rarely necessary for the majority of people. Only a tiny fraction of normal calls even come close to lasting this long.

As a result, the carrier cuts off the call if it was inadvertently left on. Such as when two people both laid their phones down and forgot about it.

Final words 

In conclusion, there are many reasons behind the hang-up of calls. And I have discussed in detail a few reasons why when I call a number it automatically hangs up. Also, I have told you some fixes for the issues of hanging calls.

So, if you found this problem, then first find the reason for this issue and then fix it. As hang-up calls annoyed me a lot, So, I must keep trying to prevent any issues like this.

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